The 2001 Election

Labour won the 2001 election for a second consecutive time with 42% of the vote. It was Labour's second... Continued

Judge Selection

The process of choosing state court judges differs widely from state to state. How we choice judges is important... Continued

Election Laws

Moving within the county – Pennsylvania election laws stipulates that any voter who has changed his or her residence... Continued

Jury Selection

Every American that has registered to vote or has a drivers license can at any time be called to serve on a jury... Continued

Jury Selection

In jury trials, the lawyers begin each case with the process of selecting the jurors. In theory, these jurors are... Continued

Jury selection

Juries – Considering the social science research on juries, evaluate the Canadian jury system and discuss ways that... Continued

Election law

Next, we would modify the house. The entirely arbitrary number of representatives (435) could be left alone, but... Continued