Qualification and Selection of the Jury

Describe the qualification and selection of jurors in a crown court trail. (10 marks) A person will qualify for jury service if they are aged between the ages of 18-70, they are on the electoral roll, and they have been a UK resident for 5+ years after the age of 13. However if a person has been imprisoned in the last 10 years they will be disqualified from jury service. If the sentence was for less than 5 years the individual will be disqualified for 10 years. If the sentence was for more than 5yrs the person will be disqualified for life.

Juries are chosen by random selection. It is handled by the Central Jury Summoning Bureau and is done by a computer randomly selecting names from the electoral register. If a person has a good reason, for example exams, pre-booked holidays, their jury service can be deferred to another time. The service must be completed within the following year. Some people can be excused from jury service, e.g. MPs and MEPs.

A person will be discharged from jury service if they have a disability that prevents them from performing the service, i.e. deafness, or if they do not have sufficient understanding of the English language. Jurors’ names are vetted to ensure they are disqualified by a CRB check. All of the potential jurors are divided into groups of 15 and then reduced to 12 when inside the court room by random selection Either the prosecution or the defence can challenge the selection and if successful, one of the 3 unselected jurors replaces the challenged juror.