Banking services

The purpose of this advert is to persuade the reader to buy a financial service offered by the Halifax or to save... Continued

Detective stories

Detective stories have been very popular from the mid 1900's. The main thing that makes the detective genre so... Continued

Try and kill her

Also throughout many Sherlock Holmes books there are many Red Herrings that are gypsies. In the 'Silver Blaze'... Continued

Natural justice

Holmes follows a certain set of rules, those in which he thinks are morally sound, which may or may not run in... Continued

Early crime fiction

What are the Key elements of the early crime fiction genre as exemplified by Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes... Continued

Search for justice

Explore the way Arthur Miller writes about justice in a view from the bridge. Write about the characters search for... Continued

Gang crimes

I believe that this play has a very powerful comparison to the youth of today because a lot of the youth today live... Continued

Crime Fiction

Crime Fiction is one of the most popular genres in the world. For more than a century the genre has sold phenomally... Continued

A criminal strain

Why is Conan Doyle a successful writer of crime stories? In this essay I hope to find out how Arthur Conan Doyle... Continued

Crime stories Band

There is no doubt that Conan Doyle's crime stories have set a precedent for this genre of literature. Each and... Continued

Criminal Law court

Def.C: My lady, Miss Vivian informed my client that she has got information which is tangible enough to make him a... Continued

Financial situations

Both stories deal with the pressure that lack of money can cause in a marriage, compare the way in which Thomas Hardy... Continued

Law for the company

This is useful as the person characteristics find out what a certain group thinks, a bout any topic. My method of... Continued

Lombard Direst

The 'Freedom Finance' leaflet has much the same tone as the 'Lombard Direst' leaflet, what with the... Continued

Freedom Finance

In a world where everyone is affected by advertising, there has to be a way to find out how it is done. I have... Continued