The Crown Courts

The Court of Appeal (Criminal Division) is bound by judgments made by the House of Lords and judgments made by the... Continued

Whole of English law

The reign of Henry II is of supreme importance in the history of our law, and its importance is due to the action of... Continued

The legal aid system

So, this moral case is one of the examples that show how English law changes as people and society change. And the law... Continued

Criminal liability

Indeed, in Shaw v DPP 1961, the defendant was convicted of conspiracy to corrupt public morals when he took it upon... Continued

The criminal ratio

Firstly, there was the born criminal, which Lombroso defined as an "atavistic reversion to a more primitive... Continued

The English courts

This case from the English courts discussed important issues of the law concerning the art trade, especially in the... Continued

Wild life crime

With borders opening up across the world the transport of endangered flora, fauna and animals is expanding world wide... Continued