It is a common knowledge that the issue of preparing for writing an academic essay may be a challenging process that implies a great number of different stages. Usually, these stages include a variety of different activities like, for instance, choosing a topic of your paper, generating some new ideas related to the topic of the writing, and creating an effective thesis statement. Finally, the fourth stage of this pre-writing process is creating an outline. Although this essay plan is considered to be a common assignment for the modern students, still, some of them have a great deal of difficulty with understanding how to write an outline.

So, what is an essay outline? In general, the notion of an outline implies an essay plan that determines the structure of the writing as well as its content. By means of the final pre-writing stage, you are allowed to identify the main points that should be discussed in your writing assignment. Moreover, another reason to write an outline for an essay is the fact that it will help you organize all the body paragraphs of your paper in a logical and meaningful sequence. In the most cases, you can use this particular part as a point of departure for writing a successful academic paper.

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Below you can find some tips that explain how to outline an academic essay.

  1. Having chosen a topic of the paper, think of several subtopics that might be included in your writing and place them in a chronological order. Take into consideration that your paper should include at least three sub-themes related to the key topic of your college assignment.
  2. Do not forget to include some major points as well as the minor ones in your writing. Major points are often regarded as the building blocks of the essay that move this paper to its conclusions. In turn, the minor points are considered to be the sub-themes within the major points mentioned above.

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