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Goal of criminal justice education

I greatly believe that if the goal of criminal justice education is to become fully realized, biases against it must...

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Law Enforcement: Future Trends

When looking back at the advances of the past decade, one can only wonder where law enforcement trends will head as we...

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Octopus National Bank

Octopus National Bank (ONB) has employed you as its Senior Article 9 Consultant. The CEO of ONB tells you that Massive...

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Law Enforcement II

Community Corrections, or community custody as it is sometimes referred to, is part of the growing trend in law...

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Ideology, Policy, and Practice in Criminal Justice

Through the prism of juvenile justice, Feld (2003) discusses the historical and contemporary roots of liberalism and...

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Illustrating Legal Limits

Henry Dunn is the major shareholder and managing director of HD Industrial Castings Ltd, a publicly listed company on...

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Principles of Contract Law of England

An offer is effective when and not until it is communicated to the offeree. Thus offeree’s are required to...

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Federal Council Supervisory

As indicated by the Federal Council Supervisory (1985), markets of loaners in the US are more developed and loaners...

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Operating under a Sound Credit Granting Process of Barclays Bank

This paper discusses the operation under a sound credit granting process of the principles for the management of...

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Case Briefs

At you can find all case briefs records from 1789 till nowadays. Explore full records of following cases and use it in your study for free! - your personal lawyer

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