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The problem of crime

"Present government strategy for dealing with youth crime is centred on the use of custodial sentences" (Sale...

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English & legal system

At the Royal Courts of Justice on the 21 November 2002 was the case of Stonebridge Housing Action Trust v Gabbindon...

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Justice independent and impartial

Until 1986, criminal prosecutions were officially brought by private citizens rather than the state: in practice...

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A negotiated out of court settlement and a civil action for damages

When a dispute arises between two groups - the easiest way to resolve it is by negotiation. This involves meetings...

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Public limited company

Sole trader- these are businesses owned by a single person, like a window cleaner or a corner shop. The advantages of...

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Reforms to criminal justice systems

The Government published the Auld report on the 8th October 2001. This was a huge report, which basically reviewed the...

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To what extent is it still true to say that legal justice in England and Wales rests upon adversarialism?

In the past, legal justice in England and Wales has rested upon adversarialism a great deal more than today. There...

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The Defence of the Corporate Veil - Parent Companies Beware!

Much interest has recently been shown in the potential consequences of the judgment given in Stocznia Gdanska SA -v-...

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A claim through the civil courts

Many have argued that the Civil Courts of the U. K. are not an efficient means of implementing justice, therefore...

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Case Briefs

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