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Basic Principles of Jurisdiction

Whenever a court is confronted with a case that contains a foreign element, there are two issues which need to be...

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Reducing Employer Cost

Healthcare is a debate found in many countries with government being asked by its citizens to provide the service free...

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Intentional torts and criminal cases

Intentional torts and criminal cases are very similar in many respects. This is probably due to the fact that, in both...

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Collaboration of People and Governments

The effort of US in collaborating with foreign governments and its people, in gathering of information that is with...

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Copyrighted work

Laws around the world, of different nations define the word property as a possession whether tangible or intangible...

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Intellectual property rights and patented information

Intellectual property rights are designed to encourage and reward the creative process. They also help prevent misuse...

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The Case of Irish Immigrants

In 1816, Irish immigration to the United States began. Six thousand Irish sailed to America to avoid the effects of...

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African Slaves and Irish Immigrants into the US Economy

The African slave trade began when the first Dutch ship arrived at the port of Jamestown, Virginia in 1607 with twenty...

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Filipino Immigration in America

However, the specific issue of US government policies on Filipino immigrants cannot be examined without taking into...

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Case Briefs

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