Election of Barack Obama

An individual’s right to suffrage is one of the most essential rights that he or she has. This plays an important role in his or her participation in the society especially in terms of the political aspect of a country. The government acquired its authority ad legitimacy based upon the consent of the people. The process of election paved the way for the citizens of a particular state to choose the leaders that they wish to govern them. Being the case, this also enables the general public to direct their fate. They could choose a candidate that greatly embodies the ideals and objectives that they want to be upheld and implemented.

As such, the result of an election also identifies the perspective of its citizens based upon the type pf leader that they place in office. This aforementioned idea is greatly observable in the political situation of the United States of America wherein there is a clear distinction between the type pf leadership that they have. The mode of governance of its leaders is distinguished as either Republican or Democratic. In relation to this, the recently concluded election clearly shows how the political scene in the US is changing as well as the citizens’ view towards important issues like racial differences.

The result of the election put into office the first African American President that will hold a seat in the White House. The most important position in the US and even in the whole world is given through President Barack Obama, who descended from a white American mother and a black Kenyan father (Sammon). Obama’s diverse racial background indicates how American citizens are foregoing their traditional view of white supremacy and are revolutionizing their frame of mind by giving the chance to be led by an African American president.

Yes, indeed, the America racial attitude has improved. According to NBC anchor Brian Williams, “As one columnist put it, America matured in 2008 by choosing Barack Obama” (Baker). The victory of Obama signals a radical reformation of the discussion of race in America as well as other issues related to it like affirmative action. The American public has change because they participated in a “color-blind election” (Billups and Sands). The previous mentality that the job of the president of the United States was only a white man’s affair was changed.

Obama’s success only makes it certain that race-based preferences especially in the field of politics are already a weak argument (Billups and Sands). The racial attitude of Americans changed for the better. This is also clearly proven by the attitude of Obama’s competitor John McCain in his conceding speech. He was able to explicitly express the historic victory of Obama and how this affects the United States especially in terms of racial issues. McCain stated that Obama was able to inspire millions of Americans especially African American, who used to believe that they have little stake or influence in the election of an American President.

He also asserted that America has gone a long way in solving the issue of racial inequality. He exemplified how President Theodore Roosevelt’s invitation of Booker T. Washington at the White House created an outrage to most white Americans. However, the election of Barack Obama to presidency only shows that Americans already forego of the cruel and frightful bigotry during those times (McCain). The success of President-elect Barack Obama achieved great things for the U. S. and its citizens. American’s attitude towards racial issues has improved.

This is most observable in the majority of the U. S. citizens’ open-mindedness that gave a chance to the first African American president in the history of their country. It only goes to show that Americans want changes to happen and addressing racial concerns is a good step towards it.

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