Election Laws

Moving within the county – Pennsylvania election laws stipulates that any voter who has changed his or her residence will be required to fill registration certificate to show the new changes in his address. The Pennsylvania law stipulates that the voter will vote using a provisional ballot paper, even if she or he is not in his or her registered polling station.

The vote will be counted by the county council who will ensures that the vote has been cast according to the measures that they were supposed to meet. (Pennsylvania State Election Laws. 2008) New Mexico Voter registration in New Mexico – voters in New Mexico are required to register any time but not twenty eight days to election. Registration for voters is usually stopped twenty eight days to election. During registration one is required to identify himself.

In case the person is registering for the fast time and he happens to be submitting his or her registration through mail, he should submit along with his form the following: most recent and valid photography or a most current utility bill, student identification card, government check, bank check, pay check or any document from the government including IDs given by India tribal government or a pueblo indicating the address and name of the applicant. Incase the applicant fail to submit his or her identification during registration he will be required to produce identification incase he is voting in absentia.

(Robert. 2006, Page 18). Voting in Absentia – New Mexico election laws allows its citizens to vote in absentia. The system is set such that a voter can vote through absentee ballot and fill all questions on the ballot paper as if he or she was able to vote at the polling station during Election Day. For a person to be allowed to vote in absentia he or she must write a letter to the county clerk and the letter has to reach the county clerks office latest by Friday before the day of election.

Incase the application for voting in absentia was turned down the county clerk has to mail the applicant and gives him or her reasons why her or his has been turned down within twenty four hours. Incase the application is successful the voter has to vote using that ballot paper. The laws also stipulates that a voter cannot be given another ballot paper incase the original one is taken to the polls without being filled, discarded or is destroyed.

Incase the voter is denied the absentee ballot, he is allowed to go to the county clerk on Monday before the election and repeal reapply for a ballot to replace. The voter is also required to swear an affidavit that he did not receive the ballot paper before being allowed to vote on a lieu – absentia ballot paper on the day of election. Incase the voter allegation is wrong that he or she has not received the absentia ballot paper he or she is charged under perjury. (Robert. 2006, Page 12- 45). Early Voting in New Mexico – Election laws in New Mexico allows for early election.

The law states that: people are allowed to vote early in person, starting from 7th October of the election year voters are allowed to go to the County clerk’s office and vote using a ballot paper or using electronic voting machine. Times for early voting are, Tuesday to Friday from mid day to eight (8) in the evening (pm), on Saturday from ten in the morning, to six in the evening. On Sundays and Monday the early voting station remains closed. Early voting usually ends on 1st November. (New Mexico State Election laws 2008)