Rawlings v. Kentucky

The police officers were authorized to arrest Rawlings and came to his home when four other persons were presented here... Continued

Batson v. Kentucky

Batson, a black man, was on trial charged with second-degree burglary and receipt of stolen goods. During the jury... Continued

Crane v. Kentucky

The case study illustrates the situation in which a fundamental constitutional right of the individual was not... Continued

Griffith v. Kentucky

This case concerned the retrospective application of judge-made rules. Specifically, the Court had to decide whether a... Continued

Stanford v. Kentucky

Kevin Stanford in age of 17 years, was condemned in the murder, sodomize, and robbery with his 20-years old accomplice... Continued

Padilla v. Kentucky

Jose Padilla was indicted by a Kentucky grand jury on counts of trafficking in marijuana, possession of marijuana... Continued