Bowsher v. Synar

Due to rising government budget deficits during the first term of the Reagan Administration, Congress passed the... Continued

Thornburg v. Gingles

The North Carolina General Assembly passed a redistricting plan for the state's Senate and House of Representatives... Continued

Davis v. Bandemer

A group of Democrats challenged Indiana's 1981 state apportionment scheme on the ground of political gerrymandering... Continued

Whitley v. Albers

The case started during the rebellion that took place at the Oregon State Penitentiary. It was began because the... Continued

Malley v. Briggs

In December 1980, the Rhode Island State Police force was conducting an authorized wiretap on the telephone of Paul... Continued

Ford v. Wainwright

In 1974, a Florida court sentenced Alvin Bernard Ford to death for first-degree murder. At the time of the murder... Continued