Berman v. Parker

The Redevelopment Act of 1945 of D.C. imposed the right on a special agency to acquire real property by eminent domain... Continued

Bolling v. Sharpe

On account of their race, black children in Washington D.C. were denied admission to the same public schools which... Continued

Hernandez v. Texas

Pete Hernandez, an agricultural worker, was indicted for the murder of Joe Espinoza by an all-Anglo (white) grand jury... Continued

Wilko v. Swan

The securities market is defined as the aggregate of public relations regarding the issue and circulation of securities... Continued

Zorach v. Clauson

In the aftermath of the Supreme Court's decision in McCollum v. Board of Education, New York City began a program in... Continued

Rochin v. California

Rochin swallowed drug capsules to dispose of evidence. The police pummeled him and jumped on his stomach in a vain... Continued

Feiner v. New York

On March 8, 1949, Irving Feiner, a white student at Syracuse University, made an inflammatory speech on a street... Continued

Sweatt v. Painter

In 1946, Heman Marion Sweatt, a black man, applied for admission to the University of Texas Law School. State law... Continued

Wolf v. Colorado

Julius Wolf was accused of conspirator actions with the purpose to commit abortions. The defendant argued that her... Continued