Doe #1 v. Reed

Plaintiffs sought a preliminary injunction in a Washington federal district court to prevent the state of Washington... Continued

Renico v. Lett

On the second day of jury deliberations in Reginald Lett's murder trial in a Michigan state court, the trial judge... Continued

Lewis v. Chicago

African-American applicants for firefighter jobs in Chicago, IL sued the city under Title VII alleging the written... Continued

Berghuis v. Smith

A Michigan state court convicted Diapolis Smith of second degree murder and felony possession of a firearm and... Continued

Kucana v. Holder

Agron Kucana, a citizen of Albania, entered the United States in 1995 and did not leave when his visa expired. Mr... Continued

Abbott v. Abbott

Timothy Abbott, a British citizen, and Jacquelyn Abbott, an American citizen, litigated their divorce in the Chilean... Continued

Maryland v. Shatzer

In August 2003, a detective from the Hagerstown, MD Police Department interviewed Michael Blain Shatzer Sr. regarding... Continued

McDonald v. Chicago

Several suits were filed against Chicago and Oak Park in Illinois challenging their gun bans after the Supreme Court... Continued

Michigan v. Fisher

Jeremy Fisher was charged with assault with a dangerous weapon and possession of a firearm during the commission of a... Continued

Alvarez v. Smith

The Chicago Police Department seized property belonging to the plaintiffs, using the power granted it by the Illinois... Continued

Kiyemba v. Obama

Seventeen ethnic Uighurs, Chinese citizens detained at Guantanamo Bay Naval- Base, Cuba sought federal habeas corpus... Continued

Schwab v. Reilly

In April 2005, Nadejda Reilly filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Pursuant to standard practice, she listed equipment related... Continued

McDaniel v. Brown

On January 29, 1994, around 1:00 a.m., nine-year-old Jane Doe was raped in the bedroom of her trailer in Carlin, Nevada... Continued

Wong v. Belmontes

A California state court convicted Fernando Belmontes of murder and sentenced him to death. After exhausting his state... Continued