Marshall v. Rodgers

On July 15, 2001, Otis Lee Rodgers was arrested after he threatened to shoot his wife in the head outside of the... Continued

Nevada v. Jackson

On October 22, 1998, Calvin O'Neil Jackson was arrested outside of his girlfriend's apartment. His girlfriend, Annette... Continued

McBurney v. Young

Mark McBurney is a citizen of Rohde Island and a former resident of Virginia where his son lives. When McBurney's wife... Continued

Maracich v. Spears

Michael Eugene Spears and three other lawyers instituted several "group action" lawsuits against several South... Continued

Moncrieffe v. Holder

Adrian Moncrieffe, a native of Jamaica, was admitted to the United States as a lawful permanent resident in 1984. In... Continued

Comcast v. Behrend

In 2003, Caroline Behrend, along with Stanford Glaberson, Joan Evanchuk-Kind, and Eric Brislawn, brought an antitrust... Continued

Boyer v. Louisiana

In 2002, Jonathan Edward Boyer and his brother Anthony walked along a roadway in Sulphur, Louisiana. When Bradlee... Continued

Ryan v. Schad

In 1985, an Arizona jury convicted Edward Schad of first-degree murder and sentenced him to death for strangling... Continued

FTC v. Actavis Inc.

In 2000, Solvay Pharmaceuticals successfully patented AndroGel, a topical gel medication. Shortly after the FDA... Continued

Hillman v. Maretta

In December 1996, Warren Hillman made his wife, Judy Maretta, the beneficiary of his Federal Employees' Group Life... Continued

Gunn v. Minton

At the beginning of 1990s Vernon Minton, a securities broker in the past, created the Texas Computer Exchange Network... Continued