Wooley v. Maynard

PETITIONER:WooleyRESPONDENT:MaynardLOCATION:Lake East HospitalDOCKET NO.: 75-1453DECIDED BY: Burger Court (1975-1981)LOWER... Continued

Wolman v. Walters

PETITIONER:WolmanRESPONDENT:WaltersLOCATION:Central PrisonDOCKET NO.: 76-496DECIDED BY: Burger Court (1975-1981)LOWER... Continued

Whalen v. Roe

PETITIONER:Whalen RESPONDENT:RoeLOCATION:Terminal Railroad Association (where Lovasco allegedly stole the firearms from a mail... Continued

Ward v. Illinois

PETITIONER:Wesley Ward RESPONDENT:IllinoisLOCATION: Wes Ward’s Book StoreDOCKET NO.: 76-415DECIDED BY: Burger Court... Continued

Walsh v. Schlecht

PETITIONER:WalshRESPONDENT:SchlechtLOCATION:YMCA of Greater Des MoinesDOCKET NO.: 75-906DECIDED BY: Burger Court (1975-1981)LOWER... Continued