Berger v. New York

Victor L. Berger, Adolph Germer, William F. Kruse, J. Louis Engdahl, and Irwin St. John Tucker were all indicted and... Continued

Coleman v. Miller

In June 1924 the Child Labor Amendment passed both houses of Congress. Under Article V of the Constitution... Continued

Palko v. Connecticut

Frank Palko had been charged with first-degree murder. He was convicted instead of second-degree murder and sentenced... Continued

De Jonge v. Oregon

On July 27, 1934, at a meeting held by the Communist Party, Dirk De Jonge addressed the audience regarding jail... Continued

Grovey v. Townsend

R. R. Grovey, an African-American, attempted to vote in the Democratic primary election held on July 28, 1934 and was... Continued

Nebbia v. New York

To combat the effects of the Great Depression, New York adopted a Milk Control Law in 1933 which established a board... Continued