Doe v. Chao

Seven coal miners sued the Department of Labor, claiming that the department had violated the federal Privacy Act and... Continued

Virginia v. Maryland

In 1632, King Charles I gave the Potomac River to Lord Baltimore and, through that charter, to the colony of Maryland... Continued

Mitchell v. Esparza

Gregory Esparza murdered a store clerk during a robbery in Ohio. He was convicted and sentenced to death for the murder... Continued

Nelson v. Campbell

David Nelson was sentenced to death for murder and scheduled for execution in 1997. A series of appeals and habeas... Continued

Dretke v. Haley

Haley was convicted in Texas state courts of a felony theft and sentenced as a habitual felony offender (extending his... Continued

Iowa v. Tovar

Felipe E. Tovar was charged with drunk-driving in Iowa three times in four years. Tovar pleaded guilty both times and... Continued

Holland v. Jackson

Jessie L. Jackson was sentenced to life in prison in Tennessee in 1987 for the murder of James Crawley. Jackson sought... Continued

Hibbs v. Winn

Several Arizona residents challenged in federal district court an Arizona statute that allows tax credits for money... Continued