Luther v. Borden

In 1841, Rhode Island was still operating under an archaic system of government established by a royal charter of... Continued

Jones v. VanZandt

Nine slaves who lived in Kentucky escaped into Ohio, to head north toward freedom. VanZandt gave them a ride in his... Continued

Groves v. Slaughter

Slaughter took a group of slaves to Mississippi to sell them. He accepted partial payment. The note fell due but... Continued

Worcester v. Georgia

In September 1831, Samuel A. Worcester and others, all non-Native Americans, were indicted in the supreme court for... Continued

Ogden v. Saunders

Saunders, a Kentucky citizen, sued Ogden, a Louisiana citizen, on a contract which Odgen, then a citizen of New York... Continued

Gibbons v. Ogden

The law of the New York granted to the individuals the right to conduct the steamboats in the internal waters... Continued

Cohens v. Virginia

An act of Congress authorized the operation of a lottery in the District of Columbia. The Cohen brothers proceeded to... Continued

Anderson v. Dunn

Anderson attempted to bribe a member of Congress to receive favorable treatment from the government. The House order... Continued

McCulloch v. Maryland

In 1816, Congress chartered The Second Bank of the United States. In 1818, the state of Maryland passed legislation to... Continued

New Jersey v. Wilson

In 1758, the New Jersey colonial legislature made an agreement with the Delaware Indians, granting to them a portion... Continued

Fletcher v. Peck

In 1795, the Georgia state legislature passed a land grant awarding territory to four companies. The following year... Continued

Little v. Barreme

The USS Boston captured the Danish ship the Flying-Fish, which was then held in the Port of Boston. The Flying-Fish... Continued

Marbury v. Madison

In the last days of President John Adams’ presidency, he nominated a number of people to serve as justices of the... Continued

Calder v. Bull

Mr. and Mrs. Caleb Bull, the stated beneficiaries of the will of Norman Morrison, were denied an inheritance by a... Continued

Ware v. Hylton

This case involved the Treaty of Paris, which established peace in 1783. A Virginian owed a debt to a British subject... Continued

Chisholm v. Georgia

In 1777, the Executive Council of Georgia authorized the purchase of needed supplies from a South Carolina businessman... Continued