Plessy v. Ferguson

The state of Louisiana enacted a law that required separate railway cars for blacks and whites. In 1892, Homer Adolph... Continued

In re Neagle

Suspecting a plot against Justice Stephen J. Field's life, the U.S. Attorney General appointed Neagle, a U.S. Marshall... Continued

Davis v. Beason

An Idaho Territory statute required voters swear an oath stating that they were neither a polygamist nor were they a... Continued

Kidd v. Pearson

A state law made the manufacture of liquor in the state illegal, even when the liquor was for sale and consumption... Continued

Mugler v. Kansas

A Kansas law prohibited the manufacture or sale of intoxicating liquor. Mugler was arrested for making and selling beer... Continued

Yick Wo v. Hopkins

An 1880 ordinance of the city of San Francisco required all laundries in wooden buildings to hold a permit issued by... Continued

Brown v. Houston

A Louisiana law assessed an annual tax on goods which remained stored on flat boats prior to sale. Brown, a... Continued

Ex parte Yarbrough

The Enforcement Act of 1870, which targeted the violence caused by the Ku Klux Klan in the post-Civil War South... Continued

Ex parte Crow Dog

In August, 1881, a Native American named Kan-gi-Shun-ca (Crow Dog, in English) shot and killed another Native American... Continued

Stone v. Mississippi

In 1867, the provisional state legislature of Mississippi chartered the Mississippi Agricultural, Educational, and... Continued