Mazurek v. Armstrong

In 1995, the Montana Legislature enacted a statute restricting the performance of abortions to licensed physicians. A... Continued

Edwards v. Balisok

Jerry B. Balisok, a Washington state prison inmate, was found guilty of prison rules infractions resulting in the loss... Continued

Kansas v. Hendricks

As the time neared for Leroy Hendricks' release from prison, having served for his long history of child sexual... Continued

California v. Roy

A California court convicted Kenneth Roy of robbery and first-degree murder. The State argued that Roy, in coming to... Continued

Bracy v. Gramley

During Thomas J. Maloney's tenure as an Illinois judge, William Bracy was tried, convicted, and sentenced to death... Continued

Pounders v. Watson

A California trial judge convicted attorney Penelope Watson of summary contempt for her conduct in court. After the... Continued

Vacco v. Quill

Dr. Timothy E. Quill, along with other physicians and three seriously ill patients who have since died, challenged the... Continued

Auer v. Robbins

Francis Bernard Auer, a St. Louis police sergeant, other St. Louis police sergeants, and a lieutenant sued the... Continued

M. L. B. v. S. L. J.

In 1994, a Mississippi Chancery Court terminated M.L.B.'s parental rights to her two minor children. M.L.B. filed a... Continued

Grimmett v. Brown

In a divorce settlement, Joanne Siragusa forfeited her entitlement to one-half of her ex-husband's ownership share in... Continued

Agostini v. Felton

This suit was brought by a New York parochial school board, and some of its student's parents, as a challenge to a... Continued