Accounting and Tax

The world is increasingly adopting an extremely commercial approach to operations (Paulson 99). Every aspect in the... Continued

Cash-flow tax

A cash-flow tax has nature of a consumption tax where if there is cash flow there is no tax. A study has analyzed the... Continued

Economic Tax Cuts

The first years of tax cuts are consistent with what normally occurs a few years after a recession. Most state tax... Continued

Sales and Use Tax

As most consumers are aware, most states impose a sales tax on intrastate purchases, whereby the seller collects the... Continued

Levels of Taxation

The state, or any of its functional equivalents, has the right to charge or levy a tax to any legal entity. Tax... Continued

The government taxes

However since these are not legally documented workers, the government taxes them. This becomes tricky because they go... Continued

Tax Increase

Doing a research method in the form of a survey can actually provide immediate descriptive values of the results. For... Continued

Taxes support

The problem of prison congestion has been persistent for a very long time now. According to Reichel, (2001. 47-63)... Continued

Tax credit

In 1998, an amendment to the Florida constitution provided for quality education to be offered free of charge in... Continued