Tax credit Sample

In 1998, an amendment to the Florida constitution provided for quality education to be offered free of charge in public schools. This was a right move as it recognized the importance of education, free from segregation on the basis of race, gender or other ways of discrimination. Under Governor Jeb Bush, Florida has done a lot in the privatization of education through schemes like voucher and tuition tax credit. Millions of dollars have been invested into home schooling by the Bush administration as governor. The practice is flanked by tough and punitive accountability policies.

This privatization is coming at the expense of considerations on reforms like class size reduction. Home schooling children are benefiting from government funding through the Department of Education, to a tune of $8 million. The schools that are performing as per the expectations are also put to task to explain, and the government funding may be cut until real progress is recorded. This has arguably led to improvement in academic standards in Florida, and is a Republican policy that the party’s presidential contender is defending.

This particular policy is also applicable in Texas, where there has to a show of good performance for the school to benefit from government funding. The Texas education policy also provides for a rigorous certification before a teacher can be accepted to teach in a class. If a teacher got certification in another state, he will have to be subjected to a test in Texas before being allowed into a Texas class as a teacher. The aim of such is to ensure competency and professionalism, to avoid quacks in classes.

However, where there is a shortage in a certain areas, the school will have to inform parents in advance, that a non competent teacher is about to stand in for one is not in. The constitution of Florida forbids the use of public revenue to fund or support in any way religious institutions. The government of Jeb however went behind the curtains to provide public revenue to private and religious schools through voucher programs, a case that was presented to the courts, and the opponents of the policy won the case.

The case was however appealed by the government, as it continues to fund the controversial institutions. This policy has however been faulted by observers, who see it as a way of fleecing the people of money. It its concluding remarks, a report titled Dereliction of Duty: Florida’s Failed Education Policy by the lobby group “People For The American Way” has sharply criticized the policies of Jeb Bush on education as unconstitutional. They argue that the evidence attests that the voucher system, for instance, have no accountability and thus drain the dollars unfairly.

The law in California has established colleges and universities as segments of postsecondary education. The law also requires, of course with certain exceptions, public and private post secondary education institutions to make available information on the some specifics related to private and federal loans extended to their students. There is a student Aid Commission to administer over financial aid programs authorized by the state for post-secondary.