Controversies on the allocation of Tax Dollars

Because the country has government debt, this is another breakdown where the tax money is going. A total of $1,460 for each household is being collected to pay the debt of the government. Because the interest rate from the debts of the country is increasing, this as well increases the tax collection from each household. Another spending of the government is the retirement benefits of its citizen employees, usually from the military department. The total tax that is used in the spending for the benefit is $835 from each household.

The health research and regulation comprise about $619 of budget of the government. The National Institute of Health is the major department of the federal government that is responsible in conducting many researches concerning on the health problems. Other parts of these programs are Food and Drug Administration and many grant programs for health providers. The budget for the education program is the next priority. A budget of $583 is allocated in this program.

An increase in the said program was made because on the act-No Child Left Behind, an act that protects the youth of United States from the problems in going to schools by providing the child the right kind and sufficient education that is a right of a child. Part of the program also is the development of the education facilities of low-income schools, financial aid and special education like for deaf children. Veteran’s benefit is another program where the taxes go. A total of $565 is utilized by the federal government in providing income and health assistance to veterans.

In 2001, 34% of the total funds of the government were used in this program. The unemployed citizens were also given certain benefits like financial assistance. The government allots a $451 for the year of 2004 for these people. The budget for this program depends on the employment rate of the country. If people are mostly employed, the budget decreases and in contrast increase when there is a high number of unemployed people. Construction and development of the roads, highways and mass transits are also part of the breakdown of expenses. $400 is allocated in these programs.

Justice administration includes the hiring of the government to public attorneys as well the management and maintenance of prison system. The government spends $389 on this program on 2004. The international affairs program is the last priority of the government. United States spends a total of $320 for this purpose. Parts of this program are foreign economic and military assistance, management and maintenance of the different US embassies from different countries outside US and contribution to UN. There are many controversies concerning on the allocation of the government to the tax dollars.

Some of the controversies are the rising issues on corruption. There are many instances when a government employee uses the funds in its personal needs that are allocated in a certain government project. Example is when a construction engineer that has a project in road construction. Part of the funds sometimes is not going to the project but on to the hands of the construction engineer aside from the salary for his job. This is a corruption on the side of the engineer because of the stealing on the funds of the project. Its must bear in mind that this act is unethical on the part of the engineer.

Another issues pertaining on the allocation of tax dollars is the allocation of the funds on not so important projects of the US government. There are major programs and project that is prioritize by the government. But some of these programs is not much needed by the citizen of the country. In these programs also were the funds allocated is questionable. The tax dollars in this case are not well spent for the major benefits of the citizen of a country. There are many cases regarding on the misuse of the tax dollars of a company. One is the issue on House Speaker Dennis Hastert stole an estimated $ 1.

5 million when he made a government project of building a federal earmark. In this project, he sells part of the land to a real estate company. This was a controversy on how government employees usually one who has high position uses their positions on the government in making some unethical acts. (Progress) It must be remember that there are two major roles the government must do in connention to tax dollars. First is the collection of tax dollars from its citizen and lastly is the proper allocation of these funds for the development and benefits to the citizen of a country.

Responsible allocation must be done by the government so that the welfare of its citizen is properly managed.


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