The government taxes

However since these are not legally documented workers, the government taxes them. This becomes tricky because they go to school, visit public health facilities, and benefit form all the other government services. All the government expenditure is sustained by the government revenue, which mostly comes from taxation of the people. They are therefore seen as people who are draining the government of its resources while not making any contribution towards the sustenance of the governments expenditure. It seems as if the rest of Americans is actually supporting them (http://www. npr. org/templates/story/story. php? storyId=5312900).

In June 26 2007, President Bush discussed the comprehensive immigration reform. He views the current immigration low as being weak and one that is not working in these reforms, there will be improvement of border security by adding personnel and also the infrastructure along the borders. Also, any illegal immigrant who will be caught will be returned to their countries. If they are caught at the borders before crossing over, they are to be held at the borders before crossing over, they are to be held at the border until they are able to send them back to their states of origin.

This will be enhanced by increasing the number of detention beds and also work with recalcitrant countries to ensure they help in the repatriation of their citizens who are illegally in the U. S. Known gang members from China, El Salvador and the former Soviet Union are not to be given visas to U. S. the exit requirements will be expanded to ensure that none of the visitors to the U. S over extend their stay. Also, all travelers will have to use passports and any other security documents.

The homeland security secretary will be required to furnish the administration with reports on the state of the borers. The government to inform the citizens on the government’s progress in ensuring security at the borders will use these reports. The citizens will be able to hold the administration accountable and monitor, if any improvement is required and if it is the administration making any effort to bring it about. Internally, there is the training of hundreds of both state and local law enforcement officers how will be used to curb illegal immigration right inside the community.

Also the option of voluntary departure used by many illegal immigrants through the court process to gain more time of voluntary departure used by many illegal immigrants through the court process to gain more time in the U. S will now be regulated. This will be done through introduction of fines that will be imposed on those who fail to honor their agreement. On top of this, there is the introduction of some laws in the workplaces which require the employer to report the employees who do match the personal information that the social security administration.

Failure to do this will make the employer answerable to the government for concealing illegal immigrants. A “no match” letter is sent to the employer who is supposed to respond within 90 days of receiving which they will be held liable by the government. In order to get these immigrants even before they get employment there is the introduction of fewer documents that the employer requires to confirm the potential employees identify and also work eligibility. However, since there are employers how go ahead and hire these illegal immigrants knowingly because of their cheap labor, a need as identified to curb this.

The administration has reacted to this by increasing the penalties handed to those employers who have employed illegal immigrants. Although the fines have been there all along. They have been too minimal to be effective. The increment will be by 25 percent of the currently operating fines (http://www. whitehouse. gov/infocus/immigration/). On top of this, there has been a rule introduced that criminalizes those employers who have employed very many illegal immigrants. On such employers, the administration will expand its criminal investigations on these people.

Such people have been arrested and charged with criminal offenses of harboring illegal immigrants in their businesses knowingly and actually offering incentives for others to join them. The companies have felt the impact of the law and are trying to ensure that they abide by it to avoid the heavy penalties accompanied by the charges. All the businesses are also required to use the verify which the federal government will avail to them so that they can be able to verify the eligibility of employees in the U. S.

The administration goes a step further and provides the technical assistance to the companies using the E-verify. It also enhances its reliability by increasing the by the number of data sources that provides it with information. This makes it possible for the information received to be crosschecked against other independence information of validity. It will also team up with some voluntary state partners who will be asked to provide the photos and also records that match to use in the E-verify.

The illegal immigrants do this to help avoid the possession of fake driving licenses. Since the agricultural sector is experiencing a shortage of workers there has been a provision of legal workers at the appropriate time. This is under the H-2A agricultural sector worker program. This program is only for the temporary workers. However, for the talented individuals the visa terms are extended because their services can be very important to their economy. Also the immigration department will improve its background and check on those who are immigrating.

Those who are in the U. S legally and pay for social security will continue to earn credit even if they overstay their visa. Those who want to be naturalized citizens will have to pass through a civic test and pass it.

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