Income Tax and National insurance

Having this information is a good source to have on Electronic form ten, similar to because the accountant at the wages office can easily pick out the people who get paid the most ect. When the Head offices accountants receive the details of hours worked by each individual, an instruction of how much money the employee has earned is sent to the employee's bank account. These details are sent by electronic data interchange (EDI).

The bank can then relocate money from the company bank account to each employees account via the computerised Banks automated clearing system (BACS). The employees also have to pay the government Income Tax and National insurance; the company deduct this money from the employee's wage.

Therefore, the employee receives their wage after tax has been deducted. Each employee will also receive a payslip containing how many hours they have worked, their hourly rate along with how much money has been deducted. It is also a good way of the manager of looking to see predominantly those of which do not always come to work. Electronic Form Ten 'wages' file is protected by the password for who in which only a few people hold the password to. It also is easy to be corrected; if somebody changed their shift, it can be easily be corrected.

It is very important that finance is recorded accurately as well as making sure that there is enough money to pay wages, bills and to make sure there is a profit to ensure that taxes can be paid to the government. The organisation also needs to also have evidence of what the money made has been used for (wages, bills)

A supermarkets main aim is to make money, but to do this there are certain core activities that a store has to do; else the business will not run smoothly. For example, the Co-op needs to purchase goods from the suppliers, distribute the products and sell them to the customers.

In order to purchase goods they have to predict how many they will sell, they do this by studying how many have been sold in previous weeks and sending the information by e-mail. The order is processed and sent to the shop by lorry. Some products that don't sell very well need to be put on sale, this is important because otherwise the Co-op will not meet its targets to make money. There needs to be a correct balance and a system to unsure that the company runs smoothly. Providing Information for the Organisation It is important that the Head Office can observe how much money a shop is making so they can resolve any problems that a shop maybe having.

At the Late Shop, information is collected by two methods. Throughout the day, information of sales is recorded by audit rolls on the tills and also on the computer in the office. At the end of the day the computer in the office gives information for that day of how much money has been taken on each individual and how much has been taken on each section eg. Electrical, grocery.

This information is then collected and at the end of the week, all of the information is sent via e-mail to the Head office. Communication between the shop and the Area manager occurs in the means mainly of mobile phone because the Area manager is always on the move inspecting different stores but always needs to contact the stores. Mobile phones are very useful as more and more people own one so there is always some


The main way in which data is stored is the intranet. The company head office basically controls what is stored in each shops computer system. They clear weekly old information and update it with new and relevant information. Information will be cleared from the hard disk drive that operates inside the computer. The hard disk drive increases the time in which information is transferred. Information is also sometimes saved onto a floppy disk.

This information is to do with the newspaper rounds. Floppy disks sometimes can only hold small files (1.44mb). The advantage is that because certain people cannot use the whole Co-op computer system because they are protected by a password, can use information from a floppy disk that is relevant. This is good in the case of the staff who do the paper rounds because there is not always many members of staff at the Co-op first thing in the morning as there is no reason for them to be there.