Government and Public Trust

The government is a political machinery which has one of the main responsibilities of leading and guiding a particular social unit. The trust and support of the people is very essential in establishing a strong and effective government. The succeeding paragraphs will discuss some reasons that would give the people the basis in making sound decisions in terms of giving their trust or not. The first reason that shows whether a government is trustworthy is when it performs its responsibilities properly.

One of their main duties is to address the needs of its citizens. The most observable among these are basic human necessities that are essential for the people to live a decent life. Moreover, the government should also know how to protect its citizens and its territory from internal and external threats like local insurgencies and terrorism. The second reason is the concept of accountability. Public officials should be answerable to the behaviour of this political machinery.

In relation to this, they should also be held liable to the entity that bestows their authority, which is the public (Asian Development Bank). This is most applicable in democratic governments wherein the people vote for their government officials. A government who are accountable makes it a point to meet the acceptable standard for good governance. Third, the government should allow the participation of other stakeholders in their decision-making process.

A trustworthy government should not merely make choices by themselves; they should get the input of other people who are also concern with the outcome of what these decisions might bring (Asian Development Bank). These stakeholders should include various sectors from the society like non-governmental organizations and even mere citizens of a country. Fourth, a government should practice transparency in its rules, regulations, and decisions. The government must give the public the necessary information about important issues and policies in the government.

This would aid the people to make sound decisions about their affairs especially the ones related with the stability of their country (Asian Development Bank). Fifth, a government who deserve the people’s trust has the welfare of its citizens in mind and this is greatly seen in the appropriation of their budget. The tax payer’s money should be used by the government properly through credible projects and programs that is free of corruption and anomaly (Malanga). On the other hand, there are also reasons to mistrust the government.

First, the government is making bad policies that are only for the benefit of a few people especially if it is the vested interest of those who are in power (Morris). Second, the government has no sense of responsibility especially during time of crisis. This is observable when they tend to blame each other especially if something wrong happened. Third, massive corruption is happening in the government. This situation is observable if the budget is not appropriated properly and when the government is engaging with questionable and anomalous contracts (Malanga).

Fourth, the government is withholding important information to the public. This happens when the government is very elusive in giving comments or answers regarding important issues concerning the people like the status of the economy, fiscal deficit, and issues that concern the credibility of their officials. Lastly, officials within the government should embody the ideals and objective of their government. As such, the people should be vigilant of their public officials if they are doing their jobs or not.

The moment that these public officials are not adhering to their responsibilities and are having questionable integrities then the people should doubt the government that they work for. This is special true if they do not file valid assets and liabilities, false income tax returns, have lifestyles that are beyond their means, and other related issues (Mulgan). Moreover, a government should not be trusted if it impedes the rights of its people. This is seen when government officials are adhering to extra-judicial means in imposing what they want to happen despite the oppositions coming from different sectors of the society.

Public trust is important for the government to have the legitimacy in the decisions and actions that they make. Being the case, the people should be well aware of the indicators on whether they should give their trust to the government or not.

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