Five Causes for the Public to Trust the Government

A government is a politically elected and organized group of leaders who assume office so as to run and manage a country’s or a region’s resources. This is usually for the main purpose of ensuring that the resources of a country are divided equitably. Therefore, there are a number of reasons why the citizens of a country should trust their government. First and foremost, the government is responsible for the security of the people within the country’s boundaries. This ranges from food security to protection from adversaries.

Provision of security also includes the offering of mechanisms that ensures the rights and freedoms of minority groups are not infringed upon (Usarocketman, 2006). Secondly, the government maintains law and order from within. Policy making is left to the government organs responsible. Such policies favor the citizenry as they might help in creating subsidies in the many beneficial sectors such as agriculture and education. For instance, subsidies offered to students and farmers help reduce the final cost of education and food respectively.

Thirdly, the political set up of the government is supposed to unite the citizens irrespective of their political affiliations (Blind, 2006). Fourthly, the government sets rules by which interest groups like non-governmental organizations (N. G. O. s) operate without exploiting the citizenry. The regulation of such interest groups also ensures that the resources allocated within certain sectors are utilized properly. Lastly, the government collects and uses taxes for the provision of services.

Such funds can only be entrusted in the hands of a government for use in benefiting the citizens of a country through provision of better services. In conclusion, the government is an important organ of authority in any country. It is only reasonable and prudent to trust this organ since it helps in providing security and other important services to citizens of the country it runs. Equitable distribution of resources can be ensured most successfully by a government (Chanley et al, 2000). References

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