Legal Advice In The Case Of Yourself Vs Elite Travel Agents

Having done thorough research from the fact you presented to me, I have identified various areas of neglect on the part of the defendant. Consequently there are various issues that you can use to base your claim on against Elite travel agents who are the defendants in this case. The major issue in this case is the breach of the major terms to contract. These major terms of a contract are also known as conditions violation of which renders the contract repudiated. This means that as of now there is no contract that exists between you and the defendants.

The major violations are mentioned briefly below. There was misrepresentation by the defendant because in the contract you expected to be taken to a five star hotel from the brochure only to be taken to a hotel with very poor facilities. (1967 Misrepresentation Act)  Other areas of breach include the pathetic condition of the swimming pool the junky food provided instead of good healthy food. The noisy parties every night instead of the quiet atmosphere as promised. Refusal by the management to relocate you and other major issues that arise from the dishonoring on the part of the defendant.

You therefore have good legal grounds to institute a claim against the defendant for the gross breach of contract and the consequent detriment you suffered as a result. You are therefore advised accordingly to call on our offices within the next seven days from the day of receipt of this letter so that we can discuss on how to institute the claims against the defendant. You can call on us any time between Monday to Friday 8. 00 am to 5. 00 pm central time and Saturdays 9. 00 am to 1. 00 pm central time.