Traveling as a Healthy Creative Process

I consider traveling as an important part of my creative process. Whenever I go to new places, revisit favorite destinations, see new sights, and indulge in different cultures, I believe that I am enhancing my creativity and improving my talent in the arts. Traveling is an activity that expands a person’s horizons and allows him to have more sources of inspiration. When I reach those moments that I feel deprived of idea of what to create or stuck in limited inspiration, I go out and travel.

Through traveling, I feel that I am spreading out my boundaries and welcoming new insights that may or may not be helpful in my creative process. Whenever I travel, I make sure that I also take photographs. Capturing moments in the camera not only documents the places I have visited but also allows me to see sights in different perspectives and appreciate every little detail in the environment more. I also write down insights and notes on what I observe and what I feel while traveling. By doing this, I feel more inspired and enthusiastic to create.

I am also very observant when I travel. I don’t have to remember everything but I make sure to pick out significant things from my experience and use these moments I picked as inspiration for enhancing my creativity. One of most important travel experience was touring in the City of Chicago. The lively state of Chicago is really a fun place to visit because of the amazing attractions it has in store for all types of tourists. Chicago has a lot of spots to relax, do sight-seeing, dine, shop, or have cultural immersion.

Navy pier, a home to old and new kinds of entertainment, is a delightful place to visit because it offers a myriad of activities for people of all ages. I also took time to visit the Art Institute of Chicago where the museum boasts a collection of art in different mediums. It has recently added a Modern Wing that features contemporary arts. Traveling to places like Chicago is a helpful creative process because it helps me get more inspiration from the culture, sights, and artistry that the state possesses.

Based on my experience in Chicago, I felt that aside from the leisure and relaxation I derive from traveling, I also gain the opportunity to expand my perspectives and have more sources of ideas when I want to create for my art. One of my creative interests is to make furniture. I have even taken a furniture class to pursue this interest and create an outlet for my artistic ideas. Traveling to Chicago was also rewarding because the state has a lot of craft stores and furniture shops so I made sure that I would get to see some of its local furniture shops.

Each shop has its own specialty and I marveled with the different kinds of furniture I have seen. One of the best shops I’ve visited was the Luminaire, an amazing store located in Central Chicago. This shop offers contemporary fixtures created by some of the most prominent and top quality designers. Touring the store was really an exciting and visually nourishing experience. Although, Luminaire is a bit pricey and its products may be too modern for some clients. Nevertheless, the travel was really rewarding for me because I was educated with the new possibilities for the furniture industry.

The whole experience in Chicago cements the importance of traveling as a personal creative process. More than recreation, traveling is also an educational activity that could definitely spark inspiration for creative purposes. Also, traveling is not limited to going to very far places or visiting famous tourist spots. What is important is for a person to get out of his comfort zone every now and then and see the world from different perspectives in order to become more inspired and keep your sense of creativity healthy.