US sub prime crisis

Topic: Discuss the reasons for problems encountered in the US and global housing market. What impacts might these... Continued

Financial crises

British Petroleum is an international company which has its operations in around 100 countries and six continents. The... Continued

Government projects.

The second phase in the strategic management is strategic choice, to identify and select the most suitable option that... Continued

The economic status

Every organization and firm should identify an inspiring vision, a briefly mission as well as several specific values... Continued

Capital Budgeting

Silicon Arts Incorporated (SAI) is a relatively new company whose specialty focuses on the manufacturing of digital... Continued

Accident or Crime

A series of fatal incidents and disasters has given rise to an increasing perception that deaths resulting from gross... Continued

White collar crime

Street crime is the most common crime on people's everyday experience. This type of crime is shown on the media... Continued