How Hard Is Law School?

There is a whole culture of legal world and lawyers in the USA: from fancy TV series, such as Suits, to a number of scientists studying stress using law school students as subjects. Law schools have a reputation of being very competitive and even outrageously tough. But is it really like this all the time?Despite of a lot of complaints, 90% of law students speak of their years at college as best years of their lives. And since we know that everything reveals in comparison, it’s up to you to call law school tough or adventurous.Let’s look at the aspects that people usually refer to when they say that law school is extremely difficult to get through and you will see why they should not scare you off.

You will have to work your hardest

Obviously you have to be smart to get into the law school. Most of those admitted are in the top 10% of their class. But the amount of reading and analysis you will have to do at law school doesn’t compare to what you have already experienced in high school or undergrad.That’s why you have to be prepared for hard work that will nevertheless pay off in the future. Last-minute preps and getting through the test by luck only will not work here – you will be evaluated by your knowledge and skills only.

You will study next to the best of the best

You might think that you are the best of your class, but wait till you compare yourself to the best students in the country. It can be stressful to realize that your classmates won’t cut you some slack, but this is also a great motivation. This will push you to constantly go out of your comfort zone. Because in law school if you aren’t growing and becoming better, you are degrading and getting to the verge of quitting.

You will be constantly exposed to stress

Legal issues are no family dinners: they are nasty and always get someone’s feelings hurt. So expect a lot of sensitive topics and unpleasant last-minute surprises in law school because you will experience a lot of that in real world situations.Having gone through law school you will master time and emotion management like a pro. It will teach you a lot about what is really important in life and how to make a choice that you will be ready to stand for till the very end.

You will be evaluated not only for what you know, but for who you are

In law school, sometimes having read all the hundreds of assigned pages isn’t enough to pass the class. You have to know how to own the talk, how to present yourself, how to radiate confidence and deliver your messages precisely.It takes a lot of soft skills to make an impact and you will have to work on all that along with the academic workload. But once you’ve figured out your body language and learn how to control your emotions – you will never fear another confrontation, be it at work or in a family circle.Being in law school is anything but common, that’s for sure. But is it that hard? – Not really, just like it isn’t that special. It’s a calling that requires certain types of personalities to respond to it. If you have what it takes to be a lawyer – value-based personality, perseverance and competitiveness – then you will find the school that will give you the best student experience you can only wish for. Don’t be afraid to follow your passion and live your dreams – choose and apply for the most suitable law school today!