Midwestern university

(1)       I believe that Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine (CCOM) can help me provide the needed education and training to enhance my skills and proficiencies. I had chosen to apply in this educational institution because of its experience and dedication to provide its students with the optimum amount of information to be experts in their respective specializations and fields. Compared to other institutions, it has adequately addressed standards that are dynamic, vibrant and adaptive to the changes in the medical practice.

With these, I feel that I can maximize and develop my competency with the help of qualified and professional teachers who have had good experience in my selected field. Moreover, I feel that the College can provide an educational undertaking that is not solely based on academic pursuits. At the same time, it caters to enhancing psychosocial skills that is necessary for the future.  In the end, it is the College holistic understanding and facilitation of education that encouraged me to apply.

(2)       In my own perception, I feel that CCOM should accept me into this year’s class because of my relative skills and experience that paved the way for my application. It has always been an integral part of my personality to be of service to other people. It has given me the opportunity to synchronize my goals and objectives to better suite the needs of other people; a feat I feel can be best served in the realm of medicine.

            Moreover, my experiences contributed to this current standpoint that I have. . Having undergone various struggles in my life, I wish to impart my skills and competence to help the cause of others. It is one form of repaying the sacrifices that my parents had underwent just to send me in medical school. With these, I want to facilitate the avenues for cure in my utmost capabilities. It drives me towards improvement as it saddens me to see suffering and sickness among patient. It is my dedication and commitment to the things I do that gives me the opportunity to fight any obstacles. That is why I urge the admissions committee to accept my application.