Government & IRS

At a glance, the IRS website gives the impression that the developers and designers have put a lot of effort in designing and maintaining the website. To have a complete and detail knowledge of this website let start focusing on each and every links and pages. Furthermore, this paper will also highlight the pros and cons of this web. Firstly, let just check and figure out the important features of this website that appeal the users to check this website.

Initially the first thing that hits the user is the interface of it which is properly designed and maintained that even though it contains a dynamic image viewer, and numerous portions of information, but still the interface is so well maintained that the user hardly have to wait to load the home page. The user is instantly presented with useful links that takes him to other parts of the website. The home page of this website contains different categories for that it is easier for the type of user to navigate.

The categories are individuals, businesses, charities and non-profits, government entities, tax professionals, retirement plans community and tax exempt bond community. Apart from this, the website has also provided a search box (along with the advance search option) to facilitate the user to instantly find what he’s looking for. Furthermore, there is also an option to change the text size. All these features show that the user was kept in mind while designing this website.

With the help of this website the user can save their time and can easily access the services where ever and whenever they want like checking refund, checking of receiving an economic recovery payment, online payment agreement application and numerous other things as well. It also provides quick links to other parts of the website, relevant to the part you are currently viewing on the website. Furthermore, the date at which each page was updated is also stated at the end of each web page. This way the user knows the quality of information contained on the page.

However, the problem with this website is information overload. The user is blasted with loads of information at the homepage of the website. Hence, it takes a little time to familiarize with the website. Furthermore, there is no use of colors on the website. The whole website is designed using minimum graphics and colors, which gives it a quite boring look. This was perhaps done so that the pages load quickly. Also, the designer of the website did not use any dropdown box, as in every page you will find links.

Apart from this, the interface with the other pages is also quick and responsive. However, the inside pages don’t have any dynamic image viewer, nor any slide show. In conclusion, the IRS website was built to provide information to the nation of America. As an information website, it serves its purpose well. However, the appearance of the website can be improved by the use of graphics and pictures. Work Cited IRS. Internal Revenue Service. 2009 September 2009. 15 May 2010 <http://www. irs. gov/>.