The government should not resort to capital punishment when dealing with criminal offenders

This argumentative essay will focus on the implementation of capital punishments in cases where the government sees a need to do so. Capital punishment is when the government decides on the crime done of an offender, and when he is proven guilty, he will be executed. There is a continuing argument on the legality of the giving death as a punishment, whether it is morally correct, or does it violate a human being’s right to life. It is an ongoing ethical issue, as to whether man really has the right to commit another man’s life because of a crime or offense that he has done.

Stance: I am against the imposing of capital punishment to criminal offenders because it violates their right to live, and as a human being, you are not entitled to commit someone else’s life, no matter how grave their crimes may be. Here are the pros: 1. Man, as an equal being with another man, has no right to commit the life of another person, thus death should not serve as a punishment, because you are deliberately taking the life of someone else’s. 2.

According to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, capital punishment is seen as inhumane, wrong and unusual, thus imposing this to criminals is a clear violation of their human rights. 3. Innocent people which are wrongly judged and are given death sentence would have no chance to plead their case or appeal to people of higher authority. Here are the main cons: 1. In order to prevent criminals from committing a similar offense, capital punishment should be imposed. 2. With capital punishment, you are stopping the root of the crime, because you are ending the life of the criminal.

3. Capital punishment is given to those who only deserve the punishment, thus if the crime committed wasn’t of much extent, it will not be applied. Personal connection: I am a pro-life advocate, and I firmly believe that killing someone in order to punish him would make no sense. I have attended seminars and open forums regarding the aspect of capital punishment. I believe that when I talk about this topic, I will be able to inform other people about capital punishment and the issue of morality behind it.