State and Local Government Activities

This Act is used to covers all state and local government activities regardless of the size of the government entity, this title requires all the people who have disabilities to be given a chance of equal employment by the state and local governments so that they can be able to benefit from the programs, activities and services offered, these are such as public employment, public transportation, public education and all social service such as health care. Specific architectural standards require to be followed by the local and state governments in alterations and new building constructions.

The disabled should be able to effectively access order buildings or the programs held in such buildings should be shifted and the changes should be well communicated to the people with disabilities such as hearing or speech. However the entities should not take actions which are likely to cause any undue administrative or financial burden but should make reasonable adjustments where necessary to the policies, procedures and practices so that they can avoid discrimination unless there is an evidence that the act would alter the nature of the programs, activities or services which are being provided.

The complaints on State and Local Government Activities should be filed within 180 days of the discrimination in the Department of Justice. A mediation program which is sponsored by th department can receive some of the cases in certain situations and a law suit may be brought by the department in cases where it has done investigations on the matter but has not been able to resolve the violations claimed. The private law suits in the federal court can also enforce claims on State and Local Government Activities. <www. ada. gov>. Public Transportation

The provisions of ADA regarding public transportation includes the public rail transit such as subways, Amtrack or commuter rails and city buses, the authorities dealing in these sectors should avoid any discriminations against the disabled when providing these public services, all the accessibility requirements should be followed especially for newly purchased vehicles, they should purchase or leasing used buses which are accessible as a way of good faith to those who have disabilities, and they can also re manufacture buses so as to be accessible for such people.

Para transit systems in areas where buses operates or in the fixed routes of bus or rail systems should be made available unless they will be a burden to then in terms of resources such as finances, this service helps people who have physical disabilities to be picked and dropped off at the places that they going because they may be unable to use the transit systems which are used by the regular people. The office of the civil rights is where the complaints and questions which are relate to public transportation are referred to. www. fta. dot. gov/ada