How To Get Into Law School With A Low GPA Score

Not all students think about GPA when doing undergrad school due to various reasons. Some never consider that they will go any further after obtaining a BA diploma, others get trapped in a serious illness and have to put health issues over school, and some of the courses are just too complicated to pass, let alone to come up with a high score. Having a low GPA can really put a stop on your aspirations to get into a law school, since those are known to be especially competitive. We tend to have a strong belief that law departments at any university pick the best students that apply to that particular university. But we honestly believe that if you have passion for legal profession and determination to follow it – you can get into a law school and become a good lawyer.

How important is GPA when getting into law schools?

GPA is a crucial indicator for admission committee. Sometimes a GPA alone will make all the difference regarding whether you will get into a school or not. So if your GPA score is lower than the average admitted at your department of interest, make sure to search specifically for law schools that accept lower GPA students. This will guarantee that you invest your efforts into applications that will really get you in.

What is low GPA for law schools?

There’s no one number that would be considered a low GPA for law schools. It all depends on who you are competing against. When you look at the average GPA score for top 50 law schools in the States, you will see what score you want in order to place yourself at least in the 25th percentile of their applicants. Anything lower than that is considered to be low GPA for that particular school. For example if you want to apply to the Top 15 law schools in the country and your GPA is below 3.5 – roughly 75% of your competition will have a higher GPA than yours. It means you have to work really hard on your LSAT and motivation statement. Needless to say how nervous you will be about your results when the admission decision letter comes in.

How to get into a law school with a low GPA?

Law school admission process is actually not that unpredictable as it sounds. If you are above 50th percentile of their admitted students both in terms of GPA and LSAT scores, there’s a very high chance you will be offered a spot. That leaves you quite a bit of room for improving your GPA score. Let’s say your GPA is in the 25th percentile of your preferred school’s student profile. Then you want to devote a lot of effort and time into getting a 75th percentile result on LSAT. Having a high LSAT score will even out your low GPA and make you a good option for law schools. You will be surprised how many law schools actually look for students like that to diversify their admission profile. Also, it is common that students with a high LSAT tend to choose top law schools over median ones, so you might as well be a hidden treasure for your school of choice. Make sure to devote at least three to six months studying for LSAT and don’t hesitate to retake it if you think you can get a better score. Once you get your desired LSAT score, top it with an impeccable application that tells the admission board all about your unique personality and untamed desire to be a part of their class. Very often admission committee tends to fall for likable and well-rounded candidate despite his or her uneven scores.

So what’s the secret to getting into law school with a low GPA score?

It’s no science, simple math and common sense: – Do your research and study the statistics of your school admissions (check our law school admission data to make it easier); – Choose the university or college with scores relevant to your results; – Boost your chances with a high LSAT Score; – Polish your application to perfection; – Triple the number of schools you apply to.