What Is A Law School GPA Requirement?

If there is any major or degree that is associated with being tough and highly competitive, that would be law and nursing schools around the USA. The truth is: if you want to become a lawyer and make some good money for living, you have to show you are worthy at the very beginning.Admission process into law schools is one of the trickiest: besides GPA and LSAT, you will be thoroughly evaluated based on your application, recommendations and statement of interest. So every additional point you can get matters!But in the very beginning it all begins with grade and test scores, because depending on how high or low your GPA and LSAT scores are, you might be kicked out right away or make it to the very top of the file. So how high of a GPA do you need to get into law school?

What is a minimum law school GPA requirement?

While many colleges and universities will not limit GPA score to any minimum amount, the admission stats show that majority of the students that get into good law schools have GPA 3.0 and above it.This score already includes other nuances on the student’s profile, so you can assume that students whose GPA is in between 3.0 and 3.15 have worked very hard to secure high positions in other aspects of their application, such as extra-curriculum activities or practical training.

What GPA is required to get into Top 50 law schools in the States?

Based on admission data from previous years, here is how average GPA scores look like based on the tiers division of universities and colleges offering law degrees:

  • TIER 1: TOP 10 law schools in the USA – 3.53 GPA on average
  • TIER 2: TOP 25 law schools in the USA – 3.31 GPA on average
  • TIER 3: TOP 50 law schools in the USA – 3.25 GPA on average

Some of the law schools, such as Harvard, Stanford and Yale, are the pioneers of the student market and get the best of the best with scores around 3.98 for the top 75th percentile and not lower than 3.8 for lowest 25th percentile. However, having a score around 3.4 – 3.5 will guarantee you a spot at a good legal school, especially if you have good LSAT numbers.While it is definitely hard to maintain a GPA above 3.7 and you can get into such good schools as U Penn, Georgetown University and Berkeley with a score of 3.5 to 3.7, your competition in the latter GPA range is considerably higher.

Should I focus on my GPA or LSAT?

Based on data from previous years, there are much more students with outstanding GPA that those with impressive LSAT scores that get accepted into law schools. And if you set your mind and effort on it, it is normally easier to steadily work on your GPA score semester after semester, than craving for the LSAT exam a week before you have to take it.In general, you can get into a law school if you maintain a B average in your classes, and you can really be picky with schools and scholarships once you’ve reached 3.5.The GPA scores we were talking here and their ranking are mostly related to the top 50 legal schools in the country. So if your score is slightly lower – it doesn’t mean you should give up on a dream of becoming a lawyer. It means that you either have to consider a couple of good back up options or work very hard on getting a high LSAT score and impeccable statement of interest/ recommendations.