Auer v. Robbins

Francis Bernard Auer, a St. Louis police sergeant, other St. Louis police sergeants, and a lieutenant sued the... Continued

Ohio v. Robinette

After stopping Robinette for speeding, an Ohio deputy warned him, returned his license, and asked him if he had any... Continued

Olmstead v. L. C.

Jonathan Zimring, on the consolidated behalf of two female patients with mental disabilities, challenged Tommy Olmstead... Continued

Florida v. J. L.

On October 13, 1995 Miami-Dade police received an anonymous tip that a black male wearing a plaid shirt was standing... Continued

Booth v. Churner

The Prison Litigation Reform Act of 1995 requires a prisoner to exhaust "such administrative remedies as are... Continued

Porter v. Nussle

In 1999, Ronald Nussle, an inmate at the Cheshire Correctional Institution in Connecticut, filed a federal action... Continued

Mickens v. Taylor

A Virginia jury convicted Walter Mickens, Jr., of the premeditated murder of Timothy Hall during or following the... Continued

Missouri v. Seibert

Patrice Seibert was convicted of second degree murder for the death of 17 -year-old Donald Rector, who died in a fire... Continued

Frew v. Hawkins

In 1996, Linda Frew and other citizens settled a class-action lawsuit in federal district court against the Texas... Continued

Florida v. Nixon

A Florida court convicted Joe Elton Nixon of murder and sentenced him to death. During the trial Nixon's lawyer told... Continued