What are the Best LSAT Prep Apps?

LSAT is applicants’ nightmare, but still, it is the best way to select students for studying in law schools, which have always been one of the most demanded among educational institutions. Due to the test, colleges and universities train future lawyers who have the best abilities for this work; however, sometimes students have to overstretch themselves to get to law schools.

Applicants look for various ways to optimize the preparation of the complicated test, and one of the most effective is using of different applications. Specialists have already developed them to maximize your skills as soon as possible. Modern technologies allow to carry around a bunch of information and practice in every spare moment. It is important for success to keep pace with time, so we offer to your attention five of the best apps for test preparation.

7SAge LSAT Prep App (Free)

Two Harvard graduates developed this free app, applying the experience of many students. It helps to improve logic with special games; each game has a video with the explanation. The application also includes practical tips for the test passing, lessons, trial test with background noise and other distracting factors so that the conditions are as close to reality as possible, and calculator for scoring. These are not all the advantages you will find after downloading the app. Using 7SAge, you will be able to discuss the test, achievements and other issues with other applicants who are going to defy LSAT. The chances of success will grow significantly. Anyway, you lose nothing, because it is free.

LSAT Arcade by Manhattan LSAT ($2.99)

It is undoubtedly one of the best LSAT prep apps, developed exclusively for practical improving your skills, which focuses on the speed of implementation of the tasks. This is a perfect addition to your method of preparation that can make your routine practicing more interesting. Moreover, the software offers participation in various competitions, and the winners receive real prizes. Applicants who used Arcade by Manhattan assure that is significantly improved their skills for solving logical tasks and played the crucial role in preparation. 3 dollars is quite a low price for such a wonderful helper, especially given how much students are willing to spend for literature and coaches just to get to the desired law school. Very often such spending is ineffectual, and Arcade brings good results for the ridiculous price.

LSAT # by Arcadia Prep, Inc. (Free)

This LSAT app will help you to take advantage of instructors and students’ experience, who have achieved extremely high results in the test. You will be provided with video clips with explanations and advice on tasks, as well an instructor will give a step-by-step strategy guidance. By downloading LSAT # by Arcadia Prep, you will see that it contains a set of exercises, which are similar to questions of the test, practical assignments, designed to make the necessary skills better, and Complete Section.

Exercises will help to improve the skills which are important for successful exam passing. The lessons can develop your logic, they contain special questions, and if you cannot find the answer, you should “expand” it by receiving as many additional clues as necessary to understand the question. Practical assignments help to get used to the type of tasks, so after sufficient practice, you will feel confident and will not become confused at a crucial moment. The last section contains questions, which were used in tests of previous years, so you can determine the weaknesses and qualities that should be improved.

LSAT Exam Review By Test Assassin ($1.50)

This software is perfect for those who want to turn boring preparation into entertainment. The peculiarity of the app is practical games with the full explanation. After going through tutorials and drills, your skills will be sharpened, and the test will not seem like an unbearable ordeal. The Exam Review By Test Assassin look like flash cards, which improve logical reasoning, reading comprehension, analytical reasoning, and vocabulary. The customers can save their flash cards.

LSAT Words by Malyshev Edusys ($0.99)

Applicants usually concentrate their attention on logical and analytical thinking, ability to argue their point of view reasonably and still fail the exam. The reason is weak vocabulary, which is left out of attention. Words by Malyshev Edusys have been developed to help students to learn vocabulary words, which are often used on the test. It contains definitions, synonyms, antonyms, and examples of their use in sentences. Care about details is a critical component of success.