Types of Law Degrees in the USA

If you decided that your future profession will be a lawyer, you should be familiar what are the law degrees in the USA. The next arising questions are how long is law school and how much times does each level of study takes.

Begin with that; three types of the degree in jurisprudence are that are Juris Doctor, Master of Laws and Doctor of Juridical Sciences.

Juris Doctor

It`s the first stage for the legal profession that lasts three or four years depending on it`s full-time or part-time type of study. The program offers for you an excellent background of the all legal practices and fields in the USA. It needs to say that you need to have a bachelor`s degree from a college, to pass the Law school admission Test and to prepare the recommendation letter. After graduation and the passing bar exam, you will be able to practice jurisprudence in the USA or to become an attorney.

Master of Laws

The next stage is the Master of Laws degree of one-year study. After its finishing, you will become a great specialist in some field of jurisprudence that you chose. It can be environmental, trade, financial, intellectual property areas of law and other. Also, this education program is often chosen by students from other states or international lawyer to get to know more about USA legislation.

Doctor of Juridical Science (S.J.D.)

The doctor of judicial science is the most advanced degree that has many similarities with Ph.D. There are not many programs on this level in state universities. It lasts three years, but most of the time you will spend for dissertation research and preparation to defend it. As a rule, you should know its topic in which you are interested in before applying for study. The most often the students who want to become professors and to teach laws, choose this educational program. Often this degree is obtained by the lawyer, attorneys after several years of practice with the purpose to learn some legal issue that can improve their career development and reputation.

Hence, now you know what types of jurisprudence degree exist and how much time you need to spend for their obtaining. But the most important point is that you`re familiar what purposes each level has and how you can benefit from them to develop in your legal career.