Top USA Law School Rankings

You want to become a lawyer, but have not chosen the future University yet?

Our top law school list will help you with this.

Firstly, let find out how this ranking is consisted of and of what reasons it depends on.

There are several the best USA law university lists updated every year by different organizations. One of them is the U.S News&Wordld rate that attaches more value, mainly, to the reputation of education establishment, geographical and demographic factors.

The second one is National Law Journal Rankings that consider a number of students who work after graduation in leading law firms.

The following reasons can also have the impact:

  • percentage of students passed bar exam;
  • employment in the legal field;
  • level of the salary;
  • amount of students employed in governmental and court systems;
  • quality of education, including types of university programs, the existence of legal clinic, social life, teachers `level;
  • cost of study;

This information is taken from statistics data, results of surveys and questionnaires. But the top 15 positions are usually placed by the same universities with a small level of raising up or lowering of each one.

Now knowing all the points that influence on ranking position, move on to the content of list:

  • Harvard Law School (from 1 till 3 pl.)
  • Yale Law School (1-3 pl.)
  • Stanford Law School (1-3 pl.)
  • Columbia Law School (4-5 pl.)
  • Chicago Law School (4-5 pl.)
  • New York University School of Law (5-6 pl.)
  • University of Pennsylvania Law School (7–8 pl.)
  • University of Virginia Law School (7–10 pl.)
  • University of California Berkeley Boalt Law School (6–9 pl.)
  • University of Virginia Law School (7–10 pl.)
  • University of California Berkeley Boalt Law School (6–9 pl.)
  • Duke Law School (10–11 pl.)
  • University of Michigan Ann Arbor Law School (7–10 pl.)
  • Northwestern Law School (10–12 pl.)
  • Cornell Law School (13–14 pl.)
  • Georgetown Law School (13–15 pl.)
  • The University of Texas at Austin Law School (13-15 pl.)

The University of Houston and the University of Georgia also have good results.

But these classifications cannot be exactly correct because it is based on non-objective factors.

American Bar Association doesn`t support such evaluation of legal studies and considers them as misleading. Instead of that, it creates guides on different study programs for future students.

Generally, the ranking influences positively on the educational process of each university and doesn`t allow to reduce the quality of learning process.

However, choosing the law school, you should consider more important reasons like own opinions and factors as the field of law you want to study in, the type of legal program, the location of the university. Then you will be absolutely sure in the right choice of future profession.