Top Seven Movies to Watch Before Law School

Modern cinematography offers the audience great masterpieces, and if you decide to become a lawyer, you can find some movies that could give a picture of such a profession and specific of the education. This kind of films for sure may be considered as the most interesting because they deal with such topical issues as justice, right choice, and fair punishment, being quite realistic.

We offer to your attention seven of the best legal movies with exciting storylines, charismatic characters, and unexpected interchanges.

1. The Paper Chase

The movie perfectly reflects typical problems of young people, who entered a higher educational institution. Though, the romantic storyline is unique. Probably there is no school without a professor, whose lessons make everybody tremble. Harvard is not the exception. Professor Charles W. Kingsfield did not like the main character from the very beginning, and now young Mr. Hart does everything possible to earn the respect of the professor. However, as it turned out, his girlfriend is the Kingsfield’s daughter. This movie will be interesting both for those who are going to get to a higher educational institution and those who have already graduated in order to feel pleasant nostalgia for the eventful student years.

2. Legally Blonde

This exciting comedy makes everybody reconsider stereotypes about blond girls. Charming Elle Woods get to Harvard to resume relations with her ex-boyfriend. The girl with a pretty smile and cute fair curls cope with all the obstacles as a real fighter and become an example to be followed for all the students, who give up when academic problems arose. The main character wins the audience’s affection with her ability to develop quickly, to adapt, and to change her priorities. The film is one of law school movies which are realistic about the specific of burdensome education in law schools. As a result, we see that every past decision was for the best because even though Elle entered Harvard to get her ex-boyfriend back, this helped her to obtain a lot of new skills and find true love.

3. My Cousin Vinny

My Cousin Vinny is a fun story about how you can make your dream come true if you are stubborn and persistent enough. In addition to the fact that Vinny Gambini has never worked as a lawyer, he also looks like a criminal. However, when he had an opportunity to become an advocate of cousin Billy and his friend, Vinny did not hesitate even a second.

Lack of legal experience is not an obstacle for the protagonist because he has a trump card – a sharp tongue. It is unlikely that someone could be his rival in a war of words, and as it turned out, this is quite a useful character trait.

4. Philadelphia

The clashes between justice and evil are most likely to occur in courtrooms, but in this movie, such a confrontation is especially serious. Philadelphia raises the issue not about crimes and violation of the law but an attitude towards homosexuals and people with AIDS. Andrew Beckett is a brilliant lawyer, who has AIDS and hides it. After his colleagues had learned about the illness, he was fired.

The only thing Andrew has to do is to fight for justice, and fortunately, he found someone who is ready to help him. If you are going to get to a law school for good intentions, you will be delighted with this movie.

5. 12 Angry Men

Movie critics consider 12 Angry Men as one of the best law movies in history. A well-thought-out storyline and impressive actors made this drama an unforgettable example of cinema art. Human life is at stake; everything depends on whether the defendant is recognized as guilty. The jurors must vote unanimously for the verdict, so everyone's opinion is critically important. All of them have their own story and different character traits, which influence their thoughts and decisions. When the death sentence was almost announced, the eighth juryman expresses doubts about the guilt. They started to examine each discrepancy, and gradually, the rest of the jurors except one businessman turned themselves over to the eighth. The businessman had a serious conflict with his son, that is why he cannot think impartially. Everybody who is going to build a career in jurisprudence should watch 12 Angry Men.

6. A Few Good Men

This great legal detective should be included in our list of movies about law. It is a confusing story of a soldier's murder investigation, which could lead to the conviction of innocent people. The concept of honor and truth has an important place in the film. A Few Good Men shows us the need to fight for justice. Interesting turns of events keep the audience on the edge of their seats, and the ending leaves a good impression behind.

7. The Firm

Everyone has faced a difficult choice, especially those who work in the legal system. A real ordeal appeared in a successful lawyer’s life. He started to work in the firm, which obviously deals with criminal business. The main character has to choose whether to make no noise and stay safe or to fight for justice, thereby putting his life at risk. The Firm is among good law movies that reveal the truth about negative aspects of a lawyer’s career.