The Top 5 Hacks for Mastering The LSAT

Getting into Law programs can sometimes feel as if we are trying out for the Olympics. Potential lawyers have to consistently work hard, pass exams, excel, take tests, get references and recommendations and not to mention passing the LSAT. We can only dream about an easier process of selecting or qualifying to apply for Law school, than having to take the LSAT exams. If only we had a version of ‘The Hunger Games’ with less death inducing tasks. Then maybe, life would be simpler. Until our whimsical fantasies are turned into reality, we can prep ourselves by learning law school hacks that will have us that much closer to our ultimate academic goals.

So, continue reading the article to discover several LSAT hacks that will assist you to master the LSAT exams. Preparation is essential if you are going to overcome this hurdle towards one day becoming a successful lawyer.

Top Hacks 1. Never Forget Its a Competition

Maybe that analogy of preparing for the Olympics was not quite far off. You and thousands of other students will have to study and prepare yourselves to get the best scores possible so that you can win a spot at one of the top universities in the country. On a scale of one to ten, the LSAT exam is probably a seven, in determining whether you make it to Law school. As such, you have to put in the work to excel at this stage.

Successful Olympians, who won the gold, or any medal, will tell you of the many hours they spend in training, changing their whole way of life to be able to qualify to attend and then even further sacrifice to be able to win a gold medal. Apply the same tenacity to your approach of passing the LSAT and getting excellent grades. Yes, prep tests have their purpose, but ensure that you cover the material sufficiently, study arduously throughout the months and commit to a sensible and adequate study timetable.

Your approach to the test is a reflection of your approach to your tenure at Law school. Hard work always pays off. Don’t depend on making a transition to a school, more of your choice, in year one. Your classmates will have the same plans, and then you will be back at square one again because it is always competitive. Get the job done, the first time around.

Top Hacks 2. Push Through It

It is important to approach the task at hand with lots of willpower and persistent in getting the job done. However, as expected the initial adrenaline rush, does not last. That means you will have to double your efforts find both intrinsic and extrinsic motivational factors to get you through the times when you are not feeling the desire to do anything, much less studying for your LSAT exams.

To master the LSAT, you have to find creative ways to overcome the laziness and keep your motivation pumping. There will be moments when you feel as if you have crashed into a wall, but do not give up. You can crawl over that wall on your belly if you have to. Just so long as you get past it. After a while, the task will not feel as deflating as it has been. You will eventually see that you have been retaining information and are making progress.

Knowledge is power and being informed is the key to unlocking success. Many students do not venture out and prepare adequately for the test. They just take a book and begin to read through the information. However, knowing what to expect makes for lighter work. The same strategy should be used throughout your academic career.

If you find that you are in a slump or that you are going through with taking the test because you have already paid the fees; then know this, students in this frame of mind often end up retaking the LSAT exams anyway. Yes, $165 is a lot of money; so do the hard work from early, so that you are not in that position, later on.

Ideally, you will need about three months or more of preparation to be in good shape to tackle this beast. If you only have a few weeks, reschedule.

Top Hacks 3. Tackling Hard Questions

There is a strategy to how the questions are incorporated in this exam. Yes, there are super difficult ones that are a shredder of sorts. Almost like putting the brainiacs on one side and the geniuses on another. Yes, it is a necessary evil. But here is the deal; all questions have the same weight in scoring. So your approach should be towards conquering the easier ones and following a natural progression to the harder ones. Not the other way around. Why? Because you want to complete as many questions as possible in the LSAT exam.

Prepare by using this approach when you are studying. Continuous attempts at hard questions will make the other questions feel like a breeze. Then on the day of the test, you will not be as anxious, because you would have come prepared, with a strategy that you are comfortable with.

There are ways to identify a pattern in your test taking. When you take prep tests, check on how many you get correct and which ones you do. Work on overcoming that, but also ensure that you do not linger on questions that are taking p a lot of your time. Do the easier ones throughout the paper, and then work with the others. A lot of test-taking practice helps, balanced with studying, to ensuring that you know the information and can quickly answer a question. But as you work through those choices, eliminate the ones which are not likely the answer; leaving one or two possible alternatives. You will increase your accuracy that way.

Top Hacks 4. First Know the Basics

Another LSAT hack is to know the basics first. Start with the simple things and then work your way up. Like many other exams, you tend to go in blindly. There is no indication, while you are studying of what bit of information will come on the test so that you can work on the important parts more and spend less time on other areas. This is why there will always seem as if you are trying to get through a mountain of information, in your study sessions.

However, I advise you to sharpen your gaze on conditional reasoning. It is the best-laid plan towards succeeding in the LSAT exams. Don’t make the mistake of many others, who are months into their prep, but still have not grappled with or mastered this top hack.

Top Hacks 5. The Voice in Your Head

Listening to the best who have done it successfully is the way to go. That is why we recommend that you go through recommendations of top LSAT hackers, like Graeme Blake. If you follow this approach and consume a lot of their recommendations, you will find that their voices will be in your head not only while you are prepping for the tests, but also on the actual day of the test. It will be like having your own personal tutor.

“Hacking The LSAT” is a great resource to have, and he seems to have mastered the art of getting into the heads of those doing the LSAT exams. And even though, this approach works, it should not be used entirely on its own.

  • Never forget it’s a competition
  • Push through the slumps
  • Work towards the hard questions
  • Know the basics
  • Get a masters voice in your head

Incorporate all the other LSAT hacks, and their combined benefits will lead you towards success.

May the force be with you, on your LSAT journey!