The LLM Recommendation Letter

The intrigue of becoming a lawyer usually pulls many young minds and as such Law Programs are more often than not highly competitive. There are stringent guidelines provided to meet the criteria for a Masters program. To get into a great program, you will need to submit references or a letter of recommendation LLM. This you can request from people who will be seen as reliable and can validate you, to the prospective school. For example, an employer, actual lawyers as well as former professors.

Schools have this requirement of their candidates providing a reference letter for a Master program because it helps them assess the candidate from a source that is objective. It is further beneficial, especially if the candidate has not adequately covered the necessary requirements when applying. Usually, schools use personal statements, and grades to qualify a prospective student. However, for the LLM, the requirements are stricter and as such resumes and Law school letter of recommendation sample are needed.

Recommendation Letter Risks

Because of the importance of a letter of recommendation LLM, you want to ensure that the stipulations are met. There are candidates who have made the mistake of asking someone who does not know them very well, and this often comes across as generalities, in the letter. As such, ensure that the writer of your recommendation knows you very well and has had enough interactions with you to correctly communicate about your character. Do not make a further mistake of asking someone because they are well known; their letters will be vague. In such a case, it can probably have the opposite effect than the one you were expecting.

In addition, when you assess a sample of recommendation letter for university admission, you will note that they provide a balance and fair character reference. Therefore, your referee should not just provide an overly glowing report or one which is lackluster; it should be balanced. There should be supportive evidence referred to. A referee cannot state that “Mary is a genius in English or History” and then your grades are average. The recommendation must correlate to who you actually are and what you can actually do.

Identifying a Good Referee

The ideal referee will fulfill certain criteria. Most important, they will know you enough to speak to your academic history and potential, mental acumen in addition to your future aspirations. It is advantageous if you have a professor from your previous program give you a referral. Because the LLM Law program is so arduous, having someone vouch for your academic prowess is definitely strategic; even more so if you have done research work. Another great candidate to consider is a supervisor from work; this should be someone who is expected to be objective and has had the opportunity to observe you over a long-term period.

The Reference Letter

Frankly, there isn’t a scientific formula for popping out grand sample letter of recommendation for law school from employer or your professor. However, the following pointers will help you to enhance your recommendation letter.

  1. The referee should highlight specifically their association with you; including details should as length of association and how they know you.
  2. They should also infer to your work ethic and how your participation has influenced the team, productivity levels, etc.
  3. For school references from your lecturer, they should talk about your academic prowess and consistency.
  4. Mentioning any research work done is an added benefit as well. There should be details about how you contributed to the project and whether it was eventually published.
  5. If you are performing in the top two to five percent of your class consistently, then this is a great factoid to add to the LLM recommendation letter as well.
  6. Extracurricular activities and Leadership activities should be included. These will typically give you an advantage over other candidates.
  7. Inference should also be made about how your various skills and abilities will be beneficial to your contribution or performance in the program.
  8. Finally, referrals should make mention of how reliable, mature or ambitious you might be. Personality and character traits are also considered, not only academic performance.

Remember, your referral letter for your LLM program must contain specifics, generalities will not help you to get into the program.