Stakeholders of Alton-Towers

Workers- are stakeholders in Alton towers because, what happiness' in the business effect there work life and there pay, there jobs may also change when new rides are build. What happens at Alton towers has a high effect on them and there life. e. g. if there is a problem or if something goes wrong in the park they may be to blame. Also if there are new rides and new attractions there job positions may change. Managers- there interests would be more in the money side of the business also the pay there pensions and hours they work.

What happens effects them allot because it is more there responsibility if something goes wrong. The result of something major going wrong may lead to a big financial difficulty. This could happen if a ride goes wrong and injure the customer badly people will stop coming to the park. This is there responsibility to make sour nothing goes wrong because if it does it may cost them there job. Owners- these are mainly only interested in the profit side of the business, it is up to the managers to sort out problems on the owner's behalf.

These people have allot of money tiered up in Alton Towers there for they will be expect alot of money in return. If this is not happening, they will be wanting to find out if there is any problems and why these problems have been dealt with. It is normally the manager they would complain to. Customers- are stakeholders in Alton towers because they go to Alton Towers and it effects them in what rides they go on they will also be interested in products for sale prices and value for money and availability, how the business is ran effects how much they enjoy the park.

The workers effect they because if they have good customer services the customers come away satisfied. Suppliers- are stakeholders in Alton Towers because what they sell they have to supply, they need to know amount figures and the business effect them a lot because it there business is not doing very well they will not do well. If Alton Towers gets more customers then they will need more suppliers meaning they will get more money, but one the other hand if Alton Towers ever goes bank crypt and the supplier is not supplying other companies as well they will also go bank crypt

Government- they are more interested in the financial side of Alton Towers I. E the amount of income it has a year and the amount of people are affected by the business. The business has a low effect on the government because there are many more businesses were they collect money from. Local Community- these people have a high interest in the business and a high level of effect by the business.

This is because what happens in the park will bring more people to the area if doing well but if not doing well and Alton Towers goes bankrupt the all there smaller businesses go bankrupt as well. Their main interest in the business s that it does not affect there lives too much with noise or pollution in the area. Financiers-these are also interested in the financial side of Alton Towers because they are the ones held responsible for the money and what happens to it in the business.

Their fore they have a high level of interest in the business. The businesses activities do not really affect them that much. Pressure Groups these are stakeholders in Alton towers. This is because they are interested in the problems in and around the business. They are highly affected by the business this is because what happens effects there argument against issues at Alton Towers. Their arguments are normally based on environmental thing so with Alton Towers to they have build all rides below the tree level so it does not spoil the view.