Internal and External Stakeholders

Employees: Employees are perceived as stakeholders of Alton Towers as they are interested in their jobs and their payment for the labour they provide. Managers: managers are stakeholders as they work for the business/ enterprise of Merlin Entertainments; they are also perceived as stakeholders as stakeholders as they check stock levels, profit and the operations taking place to ensure that they are effective.

Ride Designers: Ride Designers are stakeholders as they have an interest in designing new rides for the theme park as that is what they are paid to do and if many of their designs are good and are chosen then they also have other parks approach them to design rides.

Parenting Company: Alton Towers parenting company is a stakeholder as it funds money for new rides and are also interested on how well the park is doing, they also want the park to make as much money as possible.  Directors: Directors are stakeholders to Alton Towers as they make all the vital decisions to build new rides, or sack staff ect. These are also on charge of many contracts for businesses operating within the park. 

Financiers: Financiers are stakeholders in Alton Towers as they organize ways to make the park money to fund for new rides and facilities. They also loan Alton Towers money as, they want it paid back with interest and they are also in the business to do well and be successful, as then more rides will be needed and they will be able to make more cash from the interest rates.

External: Customers: customers are stakeholders in Alton Towers as they have an interest in the in new rides, and all the facilities, services and special events that occur in the park throughout the year, they are also interested in what is happening in and around the park to do with new ideas.

Local Community: The local communities are stakeholders in Alton Towers as they live close to the theme park and are affected by all the noise and air pollution the park produces, they are also affected by all the traffic nearby as it is only a small town/ place and has small country roads.

As a result of the traffic there is noise and pollution, but it has an upside as due to loads of traffic, people will get a bit hungry/ thirsty and will go into local newsagents or shops to get food or drinks so thus resulting in local shops prospering. Many other local businesses such as Bed And Breakfast's also prosper by having Alton Towers nearby, as Alton Towers offers deals such as come back tomorrow for half price so many customers stay in local Bed And Breakfast's to get an extra dose of the excitement of Alton Towers.

Schools: Schools are stakeholders in Alton Towers as they contain children and many of those who visit enjoy most of the rides. Schools are also stakeholders as Alton Towers is one of the businesses they study in lesson and for coursework.  Suppliers: Suppliers are an important stakeholder to Alton Towers as they supply all food, merchandise and uniforms ect. Their other interests are to make money by selling Alton Towers good value products, but on a whole this helps their situation and publicity as a business as many people may see their name and become familiar with it thus making them more popular and may end up resulting in more business. 

Competitors: These are stakeholders to Alton Towers as they are interested in how Alton Towers is doing they also monitor building plans for new rides. But indirect competitors are always trying to see if any leases on food or souvenir outlets/ shops are open as they will always try to bid for them to increase revenue and publicity

Other Businesses: Many other businesses are stakeholders to Alton Towers as they have an interest in how well the park is doing. Businesses like KFC and Coke like to endorse their products in and around the park such as Cadbury's sponsoring air this is to give them more publicity and to make them more revenue. They also write up contracts or terms and conditions to show their involvement within and around the park. Other businesses such as coach companies also operate with Alton Towers as they talk to take booking for trips and bookings.

Coach Companies: Coach Companies are stakeholders to Alton Towers as they talk to managers to negotiate offer and deals, for up and coming trips for customers, they also negotiate deals for the coach drivers. Sponsors: Many sponsors, like Cadbury's sponsors rides or parts of the theme park, for example Cadbury's sponsors Air this to make them more popular/ gain more publicity or sell more products.