Autocratic and Democratic

Culture at Alton Towers is made up of role, task and person culture. Role culture at the theme park is used as it is typically found in a hierarchical structure, which Alton Towers has. This means that each of the employees have a job description and are trained up for their specific departments. Through training up their employees Alton Towers is giving their staff a feeling of responsibility which helps them to achieve the following objective, " We will make Alton Towers a magical place to work by developing individual skills, personal responsibilities and work which is fun and rewarding".

Through training up its staff they manage to receive high quality for its staff and then Alton Towers repretation will be that it is a high standard theme park that believes strongly in its staff. This will help the business to perform because it invites more people into the park and having good reliable staff keeps the business running. Task culture can also be found at Alton Towers towards the bottom of the hierarchical structure. It is when the employees work together in teams to help complete their work.

Teamwork is important to Alton Towers, it helps to build up skills for the employees and their work is then fun. This helps to achieve the objective "We will make Alton Towers a magical place to work by developing individual skills, personal responsibility and work which is fun and rewarding". This can also help the business to perform because it will make the staff happy in their work And this will pay off with the customers making their visit more fun and magical making the whole visit a lot better.

If the visit is good then they will want to visit time and time again increasing the visitor rate at the theme park. Person culture can be found at the theme park as well because Alton Towers strongly believes in treating their staff well. To ensure that the employees at the park are well looked after the theme park give the staff a uniform for all kinds of weather to keep them warm and dry, the customers also become reassured when the staff a wear a clean and neat uniform, this helps to create the magic.

The park also believes in staff development and they train up their employees so that each one is skilled in different departments. Through training up their employees the staff get an extra feeling of responsibility that leads to job satisfaction. Free tickets are also given to the employees. This all helps to achieve the objective "We will make Alton Towers a magical place to work which is fun and rewarding", also they help with the performance of the business because if the staff are kept happy then they will want to return to the theme park each season because they enjoy their work so much.

This give the theme park a good repretation because visitors see that even the staff are enjoying working there so they should visit increasing the visitor rate. Management There are two different types of management styles at Alton Towers these are Autocratic and Democratic. Autocratic management styles are usually found at the top of the tall hierarchical structure and the objectives are set out in the mission statements. With autocratic management the employees are all allocated job roles and will be trained up so they are skilled for that job role.

This helps with the objective of "We will make Alton Towers a magical place to work by developing individual skills, personal responsibility and work, which is fun and rewarding". If the staff know what they are doing then they can work quicker and more efficiently then their work will get done quicker and with a good standard which helps the business to perform through the work being done so fast and well. With autocratic management people are being told what to do and how to do it. This is important in departments such as Health and Safety and Security.

These are important departments, as visitors to the theme park need to be kept safe. With democratic management people work together. Alton Towers believes in showing responsibility towards the community. The park likes to clean up the local area around the park and it gives the local community free tickets to visit. In return Alton Towers benefits through jobs being offered to people within a 20-mile radius. The management gives the employees a fun job and it's a good place to work.

This all helps to achieve the objective of "We will continue to develop a partnership with the local community to ensure that we both benefit". This can help Alton Towers to perform due to helping the community they get staff for the theme park in return as the park hires people within a certain radius around the park. This means that the business can run due to having the staff. Through ensuring that each of the objectives has been completed, Alton Towers can accomplish one of its final objectives that is "We will ensure a magical success and investing to strengthen our position as the UK's number one theme park".

Through Alton Towers having a tall hierarchical structure there will be lots of good and bad points which will each have a different effect on the business. Strengths that having a hierarchical structure have on Alton Towers are:Alton Towers could benefit from achieving an ISO 9000 is if a business has the repretation for having high quality then more people will want to visit it and more suppliers will want to supply the goods for your business.

One way of getting the quality of your business recognised is with ISO 9000 (International Organisation for Standardisation). The word ISO is Greek for equal and same. ISO 9000 is one of the most popular and well-known standard in the world. It can apply to any business no matter of what its business sells as it could be a butchers or Market Research Company. Once the standard has been acquired it can be recognised anywhere in the world to show that your business has a high standard quality system.

If your business wants to get ISO 9000 then you need to make your businesses quality system meet the standards of the ISO 9000 standards. Once you feel that this has been done then an internal audit comes into see how the business is doing and if it is meeting the standards. After that an accredited external auditor comes in and gives an evaluation and if you are meeting allowed the ISO 9000 standards, you are awarded an official certificate certifying that your business has an ISO 9000 quality system. This has advantages and disadvantages.

The good points about this system is that you gain a world wide recognised quality system that can make your repretation even better, the fact that you have the ISO 9000 qualification can be printed on any letter heads, business cards and leaflets about the business to show people that you have a good quality system which shows people that your business believes in quality and improving your business. Alton Towers could benefit from gaining the ISO 9000 qualification in many ways these include that they would gain a worldwide quality recognition that would prove that the park is being successful and is of a high quality.

They would be able to print the ISO 9000 logo on letterheads, business letters, memos, the mission statements and brochures to prove and to show people that they have this standard of quality at the theme park. Suppliers and other business related contacts would see how well the park is doing through having this standard and the word will spread. This will make more suppliers want to supply for the theme park and it will increase the good repretation of Alton Towers. This would benefit with the customers as well.

They will see that the theme park is a good and well-respected, safe and popular place to go and the word will spread and visitors will see the high standards of the park. Also through having the standard the staff at the park will be able to have recognition for the hard work that they do at the park and it will mean that their skills and qualifications have been recognised, this will motivate the staff so they enjoy their work more. If the employees are happy with their jobs then they will put more of an effort in to get it done so they staff will help with the running of the park and to meet objectives.

If the staff are happy then it will help to create magic at the theme park. This means that the visitors to the park will also benefit and will enjoy their time at the park more, which is what Alton Towers, wants. If they were to have ISO 9000 then it would show that the business is reliable and well respected which should increase the amount of visitors to the park. Having a repretation of having high standards is very important to a business as it shows that you are beating your competition, which is what it would do to Alton Towers.

It will prove that they are the UK's number one theme park. All of the above would help the theme park to achieve its objectives because it motivates its staff through having ISO 9000. This is because the staff will be working for a business with high quality recognition standard which will look good for them. This means that the staff will have a better feeling of responsibility, this will make them happy with their job and they will be more motivated which will be seen in the work that they do.

With the improved quality in their work they are helping Alton Towers by creating magic and developing individual skills. Through having ISO 9000 the staff will want to work harder so that they can keep up with the high quality standard which will help the theme park to work well and achieve its objectives. The staff will each be encouraged to improve on their performance, which will help the business to perform better due to the loyalty of the employees.