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This involves a detailed analysis of the Cadbury job in question. This will include a description of the main responsibility of the job by asking. The purpose of a job analysis is to seek and improve the understanding the requirement of a particular job in Cadbury. Job Description The job description in Cadbury would be described and focused on the job itself and not on any specific individual who might fill the job. The purpose of a job description is informing the candidates what the job includes or what are the actual job roles is in order to be a successful at Cadbury. It indicates those tasks of the employee and what is expected of them. The job description is part of the contract of employment and should be changed when ever an employee's job is changed or re-signed.

Person Specification The Person Specification is a profile of the personal skills, qualifications, abilities and experiences you will look for in the recruitment and selection process. The criteria you decided should relate directly to the duties of the job description and contain the minimum requirements essential to do the job effectively. These criteria should then form the basis of the advert in order to attract the most suitable candidates and the basis of the selection criteria.

Advertising Cadbury advertise their job vacancies through a very specified and efficient ways. The two most efficient ways Cadbury advertise their jobs are through, internet and in person. For example when Cadbury have vacancies they would advertise on their web sites and the local stores. Adverts are advertised in different places because this gives an advantage for people to see them. For example if there were vacancies and was only advertised on the internet then that might be an disadvantaged on some people because they might not have internet and will not be aware of the vacancy. So it is important for adverts to be advertised in different places so it will attract more people towards the job and it will be fair for those who do not have access to web sites.

These adverts would provide the job seekers to see the job description, and it will have the head office number where they can call and enquire more details about the job. However Cadbury head office has all the vacancies of all the stores through out the U.K, so when a candidate enquires about a vacancy for a specific store, which might not have vacancy, they will always have opportunities for a job in a different store. When the applicant applies for a job the Cadbury would require a letter of application and the candidate will have to provide their personal specification before applying. However letter of application may not be necessary as it depends on the position the applicant is applying for.

The method that Cadbury use to advertise their jobs would be the internet, which has a wide range of advantages and disadvantages. The advantages are that it is easily accessible for everyone; therefore there are high levels of people who will apply for the job. Internet is fast and effective for the business as well as for the candidate to get useful information about the vacancy. The disadvantages are that the applicant might find it a little complicated to apply online, or they might not have any knowledge of using a computer.

After the advert is seen by the candidate they would get replies with different documents. The documents that they will be sent are application form which will be asked to completed. A job description detailed which contains all the information of the position that is needed for the job. A person specification listing the types of personnel they are looking to recruit and they may also be given a skill audit to complete where candidates may have to fill in information on specific skills and qualities that are required for a particular job.

Methods of Application This refers to the way in which an applicant may apply for a job. It indicates what option applicant may have to apply for a job. There are many option of applying for a job. This can depend on what kind of job an applicant may be searching for. The table below shows the different types of methods and the advantages and disadvantages to each method of application. `
The interview procedure at Cadbury's is done usually conducted over the phone or individually depending on what position the applicant is applying for. The interview would be arranged when an application form is filled in then the applications phone number is taken from the complete application form. During the interview the interviewer will be prepared with the question need to be asked to the applicant relating to the job. This question will be use to prompted.

Arranging an interview can be quick and straight forward because the interviewer only has to make sure that they have the relent question ready that needs to be asked. It is the interviewer's responsibility to make sure that the question that they asks are straight forward and easy to answer for the candidate and also they collect the right amount of information as they can within the time limit. An interview is approximately should takes half an hour to an hour.

However the candidate it self will need to be fully prepared before the interview, so they will need to know all the details about the company they are having their interviews. Being prepared before the interview will be an advantage for them because they will have an idea of what they are going to be asked. Feedback of the Interview After the interview the candidate will be contacted as the interview already has their detail in the candidate's CV. At this stage of the recruitment the interviewer will be comparing the entire candidate's interviews. The reason for doing the comparison to see the characteristic of each candidate and see which candidate is the suitable for the job. This is going to help Cadbury of getting the accurate person for the job and prevents them from making any mistakes.

A successful candidate will be contacted by either verbally or non-verbally, where they also will be told their specific job roles and what is expected of them. They will receive their personal time table and how many hours they are expected to work in the week and so on. They will be provided with trainings and will be introduce to their other members of staffs working in the department. The candidate will get a mini tour around Cadbury e.g. showing them where the toilet or the fire exists is.

During the trainings provided for the candidate they will be shown and told how to do their job roles effectively and efficiently as well as health and safety regulations will be clarified to them,; what they should or shouldn't do in order to avoid any accidents or breaking any laws. This is normally known as Induction day for the new staffs that has been recruited. However unsuccessful candidates will be given feed back from the notes that the interviewer made in duration of the interview. Or they might not even receive any feedback so the candidate themselves will realise that they did not get the job.