How to Find the Best LSAT Prep Course

High LSAT score opens doors to almost all law schools, and therefore, to a good job after the graduation. You need to possess special abilities for successful passing, so entrants are best of the best who are chosen to become lawyers. However, this does not mean that you can pass the LSAT without preparation just because legal activity is your cup of tea.

The test becomes more difficult year after year, and applicants do their best to get the highest possible score. You should care about prep courses in order not to fall behind others. Due to the growing popularity of legal profession, you can find many tutors, study guides and supporting materials, which can help to develop logical and analytical thinking. Do not waste your time on the least effective techniques and choose those that are right for you.

Is it possible to pass the LSAT without additional assistance?

There are many cases when applicants have gained great results through self-training. The key to success is not only good potential but also self-discipline, perseverance, and patience. If you have an important reason not to take courses, do not despair, you still have good chances to overtake other students. However, the best LSAT courses will not only organize your time and choose the best methodology, but also keep your motivation. Usually, they help to increase the score by around ten points.

Is live training better than online?

You have to choose the type of training according to your own preferences. You will not have a chance to postpone your task or find some more urgent business while studying with other students under tutor’s watch. On the other hand, live courses are more expensive than online, so there is no need to spend more if you can effectively dispose of your time and control the progress. Furthermore, online classes give a possibility to adjust your schedule and study in comfortable conditions without leaving your home. However, this kind of tuition has much in common with self-preparation, so everything depends on your motivation and willpower.

Which course to choose?

Unfortunately, we can meet unscrupulous people and low-quality services in any sphere, especially if it is popular among customers. Your mistake in choosing a course will cost you money and precious time. New proposals fill the industry every year, and sometimes those who want to save some money on the cost of preparation, have to deal with inexperienced tutors or even swindlers.

The first thing you can do is to pay attention to the number of customers. The best LSAT prep course will be in high demand; people notice quality service and disseminate information among friends. Anyway, try to avoid courses with less than 150 customers.

In addition, good company appreciates their employees, reputation, and clients, so training cannot be performed under poor conditions.

If you decide to find the best online LSAT prep course, you cannot check its reliability with the number of clients and conditions. However, the website design can say a lot about the company. As well, thorough preparation lasts not for a week or even a month; do not pay attention to accelerated courses and advertisements at your university or school; such offers are rarely good.

There are some courses which use unique techniques. They provide students with rapid progress in preparation due to effective strategies and experienced tutors.


If you look for reliable and proven assistance, PowerScore is just for you. It is known as good live training, but the company also offers one of the best online LSAT prep courset courses. You also can be provided with self-study books, private tutor or preparation to study at law school after LSAT passing. The price for the full-length course is $1295.


This company offers assistance of advanced instructors and both live and online preparation. The customers have access to all the online lesson videos and learning app and are provided with the satisfaction guarantee. In general, the students who have used Blueprint services increase their score for 11 points, which is a great achievement for the company. The classrooms are located throughout the whole country. The average price is $1299.


This company creates as small groups as possible, that is why individual attention is paid to each client. The system of training is based on real LSAT tasks. Multiple courses are offered to customers depending on the type of techniques and time that is left before the test. The standard live course costs $1199.