Criminal justice

On top of this we have the issue of individual's human rights being affected. Article 6(1) of the International... Continued

The Criminal Cases

The criminal justice system aims to deliver a fair justice process for the public and aspire to convict the guilty and... Continued

Criminal Law Review

Despite this though, many have raised the debate regarding the judicial system to lack representation of class... Continued

Criminal law

In criminal law, there are several legal devises designed to protect the accused, one of which is the presumption of... Continued

Criminal liability

Indeed, in Shaw v DPP 1961, the defendant was convicted of conspiracy to corrupt public morals when he took it upon... Continued

The criminal ratio

Firstly, there was the born criminal, which Lombroso defined as an "atavistic reversion to a more primitive... Continued

The criminal law

The necessary mens rea must be proved in respect of those elements of the crime that are included within the... Continued