Organized Crime and the Russian Mafia

To conclude this topic I want to summarize this entire topic. Not only do I want to summarize this topic but I also want to compare it back to all organized crime, then explain the global effect. For the following and the rest of the passage I will not need to use anymore footnotes. The Russian Mafia is very similar to any criminal organization. This gave me three reasons to focus on only one Mafia. It allowed me to easily gather my research. It allowed me to easily explain my research, instead of focusing on multiple topics I focused specifically on one topic and related it back to the main idea. It was okay to do so considering all topics (Mafias) are similar.

The most important reason is that it allows the reader to absorb the information easier, but also puts it into a good perspective for the reader which also helps the reader understand. Now I will start by naming other criminal organizations, besides the Russian Mafia. Although I will only be naming the largest / most known criminal organizations. We have the Yakuza (Japanese Mafia) Sinaloa Cartel (Mexican Cartel) Camorra (Italian Mafia) Sicilian Mafia (Italian Mafia) Triad (Chinese Mafia). Now picture this, in this paper we only spoke about the Russian Mafia. The Russian Mafia was founded in Russia and has since immigrated mostly into America, but also other parts of Europe. The Russian Mafia alone can be considered “worldwide”. We have other criminal organizations in Japan, Mexico, Italy, and China. Finally, picture all of these criminal organizations and picture their people immigrating into not only the United States but other parts of the world. Just as the Russian Mafia did. I could not specifically tell you what other parts of the world the other criminal organizations immigrated into, as I did not focus on them. I can guarantee you though, with all the money they own they did not only immigrate into the United States.

Even if they only immigrated into the United States they would still be worldwide. What I would also like to mention is that just because a criminal organization immigrates into another country does not mean that every single individual affiliated with that organization also immigrants along with them. Some of the individuals that are affiliated might choose to stay in their hometown country. As I explained the Russian Mafia is similar to all criminal organizations and so are there crimes. I could not guarantee you that criminal organizations commit the same exact crime because they all do it differently, but at the end of the day they all commit the crime. However I do guarantee you that every criminal organization (Especially the criminal organizations I mentioned) commits to the drug trafficking crime.

Now imagine all of the criminal organizations trafficking drugs around the world. You could even narrow it down to only the criminal organizations I mentioned and it there would remain plenty of traffic. Think about how this affects the world. I already mentioned how harmful drug trafficking is only by the Russian Mafia now put it on a scale times five. (Five because of every Mafia mentioned excluding Russia.) After this you could probably guess where I am going with this. Put the immigration problem into a perspective of times five. Put the scam and fraud crimes intro a perspective of times five. Put the crimes related to violence into a perspective of times five. Finally put all of the money laundering into a perspective of times five. These criminal organizations own a lot of money. The richest mentioned would be the Camorra, 167 billion dollars in USD. The Russian Mafia owns 19 billion. (Estimates). This explains why organized crime has a global effect. Thank you.