Crime prevention through environmental design Essay

Welcome to Islamabad the capital of Pakistan. Invaded by Aryans in 15th century B. C Islamabad. It is more popularly known as “Abode of Islam”. The mean maximum temperature ranges from 25. 6oC to 39. 4oC (78. 1oF to 103oF) in June and the mean minimum temperature ranges from 3. 2oC to 16. 7oC (37. 8oF to 62oF) in January. The geographical place mark and region has made Islamabad historically rich in diversity and has been part of the crossroads of Punjab and North-West Frontier Province, Margalla pass being a gateway to the North-West Frontier Province.

Islamabad came into existence during the 1960s as to replace Karachi, previous capital Pakistan’s. For the rest of the world Islamabad stands tall to be recognized as the capital of country. Islamabad is guarantor for witness for “Faisal Mosque”, “Parliament house”, & “Pakistan Monument”. Till now it all seem to be the tourist place. But in fact Islamabad has different story to tell and more to be revealed. Needless to say most of the population from Islamabad for ILSAMIC faith and regularly practices it. There are almost 2. 8 million populations living within Islamabad.

Being the capital of Pakistan, it all seems to be good, but I shall suggest please stop comparing it with other nation. Things here are more to say and speak their own story that might choke your heart in your mouth. Government always has some or the other plan to develop the capital state, but in fact most of the issues are political related or not considering the population living within Islamabad. People of Islamabad are rich in heritage and hierarchy of Kings Decedents. This now had become the matter of past and people here are struggling for better standard of living and basic necessities.

With more than 12 hours of load shedding “Power Cut or Electricity Cut” you can imagine what might be situation. Islam the second most faith followed around world has its root deep dig to understand the importance of colonialism. Islam emerged to its purest form and then self proclaimed carried by Islamic Organization. The government here is so week that it has to face the problem of Parallel government developed by the terrorist organization and other factor. The ratio of Men and Women is 1000 (men) per 850 women’s and has no plan for equality of ratio as women are considered ad second priority than men.

Girls most probably are under the guidance of either father, brother or any head of the family. No provision for the girls to put forward their ideas and thoughts. This is male dominant country and is nourished by False believes and wrong guidance from Priest of Mosque. People here prefer to travel abroad and get settled under refugee or resident visa, this situation has been developed by Pakistan government as from their childhood they are been taught and made to understand the wrong believes and teachings from Bad practice of Islam.

Alone in Islamabad 25,000 people die under the name of revenge and are bailed out if they have money to pay as bribe. Girl’s schools are very less and pupils are graduated under the shade of separate education for boys and girls. This is more critical for proper development of city. Everywhere the poster of Gunmen and national guards are making the impact on the poor minds of young generation. Plan for Minimum wages are very poorly developed and only to be architected on paper and id never materialized. Girls are not at-all free from threats developed around the city.

Neither free speech nor any statements against ruling body or government. It has witnessed the mass massacre and kings rule till 19th century. Some of the common problems of Islamabad are No 24 hours water and electricity, no security for young girls and women. It was late 1999 which reported highest rate of missing girls from nation and violence not be mentioned and measured as more death has occurred at ATM centers for loot than natural death of aging. Rape cases are undiscovered and unreported as part of loss of dignity for girls in ISLAM (again one more disguising problem) Development is hampered by crime and local mafia.

People prefer to invest in other countries than in Pakistan for most prominent reason of security and capital. For every corruption and frauds some of the other government official is pointed and so is the truth. Looks good from outside but has ugly politics and corruption from inside. Amongst 10 only 3 are employed and due to the less outsourcing and lack of infrastructure for companies to develop. The neighboring country India is developing at the lightning speed due to devotion for nation which we lack in here.

The most prominent problem is the literacy and education which people lack and are engaged in terrorist activities and violence. Freedom of speech and freedom of thoughts for girls. To uncover the problems that barriers the development of city and nation. To provide educational grants for students do get proper education. Freedom to express thoughts and platform for industrial development. Fresh water development program, development in agriculture than making arms and ammunition from the fund provided by western countries.

Exploiting the manpower for overall development of nation and smake it stand tall to be called as capital of country rather than just city of heritage. Threats and Risk Analysis for Assessment of community chosen for study The following are the threats assessment and risk analysis that has been drawn from the issues happened in last decade. 1. Abduction of children for molesting 2. Civil rights undecided and lees legislation for women 3. Lack of Right to speak the exploitation 4. Terrorist activities as part of wrong preaching of Faith (ISLAM) 5. Lack of law and order for criminals

6. Improper education and less deployment of valued education 7. Lack of anticipation for foreign industries and capital 8. Lack of water treatment plant and sanitation program 9. Overlooked problem of child labor and Universal Basic Education (UBE) 10. Partial political implementation and Lack of practice of democracy 11. Girl Child infant mortality 12. Lack of medicine and epidemic eradication program for health of nation The city of Islamabad was chosen because of the different categories of problem developed within none other than capital of Pakistan.

If this is the Situation of capital of nation then other cities of the respective country could be easily judged. As the capital of nation anticipates most of the major problem seen all over the country then this study do makes certain impact on the minds of the reader of how hard it is for some people on earth to spend life than looking for luxury and comforts. The most common issues are listed above and are real and people are facing it with the false hope of getting better life some day. Enforcement of Law & Order with help from Private security

Government alone is helpless to tackle all the problems of nation as it less developed and political leaders are more engaged in collecting the national fund into their bank account, instead of using it for national development policy. In such case more terrorist activities are seen around the corners of Islamabad and need to be eradicated before it take over the city and start destroying. The police force and national guards work together to help solve some of the problems but can’t all over at all the time.

This needs the private security agency to guard the capital city was needed and so was deployed for avoiding further circumstances and hazards. First the schools need to be secured and some of the minority people living in Pakistan (Hindu community and Missionaries schools). With the deployment of private security people are freer to wander than ever before. 1. Enforcement of strict laws and security protocols 2. Development of well compiled education programs 3. More patriotism than practicing false believes of Faith people follow 4. Right to choose the religion

5. Liberation from taxation for less waged employees 6. Revised remuneration packages for industrial and financial development With the private security the marching of extremist and religious people is tightened beyond the school, college and university premises. Groundwork development for innovative ideas and growth of nation. Change in national policy for anticipation of citizen of Islamabad. In response, more and more people agree towards such development and sustainability approach of emergence. Addressing identified problems in the community

Divert people from Girl child infant mortality Actually this is important for nation as the girl child infant mortality is carried under the nose of Government but still ignored by government. More and more universities need to be developed only for girls. Girls and women should be right to choose their own life partner than selected by some family members. Girls should be encouraged to get more education and for free to attain women liberation and education among the society of women. More exposure to fashion and glamour industry. Non-Violence, Peace and Smile

Students should be introduced to Healthy education system than making them habituate of earning money at early age (Child Labor). More books than gun powder and drugs is the key concept for better educated future of Pakistan. To eliminate domestic violence and propagation of importance of educating women’s. To make government feel secure about girl child education and development program. More and more Non-Government Office should emerge to anticipate the new programs developed by innovative and creative mind for richening country GDP and not Nuclear power

Look for more renewable source of energy for less environmental destruction. Cleanliness program for hygiene and safety of citizens. To behave strict against terrorism and Bad practice of ISLAMIC faith. To develop policies and reconstruction of planned economy for next fiscal year and should also include the platform discussion for foreign investment in Pakistan. More exposure to national activities through sports activities and common wealth games. Reclamation, Networking and Anchoring Human right is the basic of united nation and has more deep planes and funds for those nation planned to practice it.

In democracy no one is bound by rules and contracts. Each person has its own right to object the inhuman activities done to him/her. Its right for everyone to reclaim of what each person want in his life. The consideration for this right may be anything like education, freedom of speech, right of information act, free water and electricity being the citizen and also higher education if persuade. This is just a small abstract of miles of different rights each person wants to know and ask for it.

The social networking is also important for purpose of business, personal relationship, and the freedom to express you in front of thousand people or more. Each person can understand the 6th degree relation with the other person that exists on this earth. Networking may be intercontinental, among different states, different people, and different countries for any reason that government needs not to bother about. Limitations are to be put if the networking and relationship are the potential threats to national security and must be architected in such a way that each one of them practices the good part of it rather than the bad one.

If you are asked what you think about the government in Pakistan then the first question that might come to the mind of that person would be his security if he/she speaks against government. This is a clear indication that there is no practice of anchoring in Pakistan and no one cares about it. Anchoring must be practiced on free speech basic and not under the surveillance and threats from the nation where he/she lives. This creates trust and love for nation and automatically advances to growth and sustainability.